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Geeky Coffee: Reverse Vacuum Packed Alamid

One of the reasons why I still continue to blog to this day is because I get tipped with interestingly geeky things from around the country. This is one of them. It’s rather close to my heart because we’re talking about coffee.

Inside the can is 50 grams of coffee Alamid, the world’s rarest brew. This costs PHP 1,400.00 and makes about 6 shots of espresso. What makes this can rather special is the packaging. Every can comes with a pin, which you use to puncture a hole through the bottom of the canister.

This “reverse vacuum” packing technology is supposedly the best way to pack beans. The science, as was explained to me goes something like this: the best way to preserve the flavor of the beans is to allowing it to spew gas after roasting. However, if you let the beans hyperventilate too much, you end up with no gases at all — and thus no flavor. So what they do is to leave some space inside the packaging for the flavor to circulate, but because of pressure, the gases have no where else to go. Thus, the 50 grams of beans are being marinated in their own flavorful aroma in a state of equilibrium. That is why, if you open the can without popping it with a pin, the insides will “jack in the box” out. Pretty cool. The party favor is the really strong smell of Alamid forcing itself out of the pinhole. WOW.

The foundation behind this technology wants to give it away for free to anyone who’s interested in packing beans. You can visit their website or let me know and I can hook you guys up.

Alamid Coffee for the holidays? SMS 0917.580.8820. Look for Mitch. Also if you’re going to brew this, I highly suggest you take it black or as espresso shots with little to no sugar and creamer. This coffee should be enjoyed as it is. Nag Alamid ka pa!