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The End of an Era, or maybe we’ve just set the bar too high

This is a piece I wrote for AppleGazette, waking up to the alarm clock that timed the launch of the Keynote presentation. I was groggy – that was almost three in the morning. But I figured my eyes will be widened by Steve’s amazing performance on stage. Sadly, the Keynote didn’t do as well as the coffee.

I’m sorry, Conan but despite my promise to you to stop being cynical, I can’t help it. And in this one case, I wish I was not. After watching the Internet show Steve present the iPad to the public, I froze and was taken to a temporary time warp to the day when Steve announced the iPod nano and the shuffle. Then it fast forward to the day he announced the iPhone. And when my quasi-Ebenezer moment was done, I came back to blog comments, analyses, and photos of the iPad and I realized one thing: all we are is dust in the wind and I’m getting old.

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