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The ‘Anti-Social Media’ Social Media

Anyone who browses Reddit has already been exposed to the TechCrunch-Reddit fiasco over “logo day.” You can view Arrington’s statement here and the comments from Reddit here.

One comment really struck me and I’m posting it here (click image to enlarge).

This guy describes a phenomenon that I’ve been mentally wrestling with for the past several months (can you believe it–?!). I could not put the feeling into words, but this guy did. Props!

This is when most of the “visible” Internet is composed of human sounding boards reaffirming to one another that everything’s going to be alright and that the Internet IS this and that. It’s applicable in the Philippines.

While that’s happening, the communities that don’t take BS — the “ant-social media” carries on by becoming the real influencers of memes, trends and viral “marketing.” They just don’t call it that.

If you aren’t browsing Reddit, do yourself a favor and make it your home page (it’s mine). It will teach you things. And then you’ll get it.