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Photos of Losers

So Animoto launched their referral program a few days ago – refer a friend for a full pass sign up and you get 3 months free! So far I’ve had two successful sign ups 🙂 I was able to try out the full length video production and was able to churn this show out from the David and Goliath Little Losers launch last Tuesday. Boy that was fun!

I made a little “mistake” with the video and will try to correct if I could just add more photos. If you do get to try out the full video feature, you really need to do about 40 to 50 shots for anything more than three minutes of video. That’s, well a rough estimate as photos will tend to double in a single screen if you don’t. But oh well, it still looks great! 🙂

Animoto Powered: Samsung Metrowear Fashion Press Conference

I’m trying out a new video service called Animoto. What it basically is: SLIDE.COM on steroids. With three clicks of the mouse you can create hardcore video slideshows similar to those you see on television. Here are some photos I took from the Samsung Metrowear press conference a few weeks ago at Ascend, Bonifacio High Street.

Animoto allows for a free 30 second sample slideshow but to avail of longer, full length videos, you will have to pay a small fee of $3.00 per reel. However, you can also avail of the all-access pass that allows you to create an unlimited number of full length videos a year with the ability to download them onto your computer. I say, this is definitely one of the best USD $30.00 purchases I can think of!

* Here’s another Animoto vid I made for the Samsung 2008 Mobile Roadshow.