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OK, BlackBerry PlayBook time. Please read.

The BlackBerry booth was one of the last booths we visited simply because everyone wanted to play with the ‘Book. In that hall, the only other show stopper was the HP webOS demo but nobody could touch anything. On the other hand, RIM had so many PlayBook units available for demo but because of the overflow of geeks, we only got our hands on the units after a bit of waiting.

So is it good? Well OK, the multi-tasking features is spot on. You move your finger down the center of the device to enlarge the current window, slide it up to unveil Window mode with all the other apps. It pretty much does what it is supposed to do. Does it stand up against the competition we saw here? Well, if BlackBerry can find a way to leverage what they have with their smartphones (i.e. share the ecosystem with their line of phones) then they may have something going. There’s an article about how BlackBerry may be able to run Android apps in the future. Well guess what, remember the WAC initiative we talked about? That could be it.

P.S. Check this out dude. Research in Motion is part of the WAC initiative. That means we might be seeing a PlayBook Netphone. Wow. (HAHA, psyched na ba??)