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Leo Laporte reads The True Story of the Little Golden Hood for Audible

There’s more to this audio book that meets the ear. The one and only reason why I recommend this free audio book is because it is read by TWiT founder and radio personality Leo Laporte! If you’re an avid TWiT Netcast listener, Leo would occasionally mention that he’s working on something with the guys from Audible and I guess this is the first of many readings. My verdict? Even though the book is only 9 minutes long, Leo brings a familiar and engaging listen through and since it is a FREE download, you can’t go wrong!

Leo Laporte does a fantastic job reading this engaging classic childrens tale. Long has he wow’ed us all with his NetCasts via the TWiT network, now we get to enjoy the limitless qualities of his hypnotic voice with Audible. Here’s hoping that this is the first of many top-quality audio-books from Leo, and here’s to a never-ending extension to the relationship between Audible and TWiT. [wiredkiwi]

If you’re an Audible subscriber, the member price slash is down to USD $ 0.00 – maybe part of their Black Friday sale.