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Limited Edition Manny Pacquiao “PacMan Knows” Apparel from Nike


Here we go again. Nike is releasing another exclusive set of Manny Pacquiao gear: the first is a tee with speckled finished on a Manny Pacquiao crest and a ‘stellar’ glow in the dark 259 Pacman Knows Trainer. The shirt will retail for P1,095.00 while the glow in the dark shoes will go for P5,995.00.


The tongue is labeled with “Pac Man Knows” and his MP graphic. All of the contrast stitching, embroidery around the swoosh, laces, midsole star pattern and laser etching on heel glow in the dark as well. The limited edition tee has a speckled finish on the MP Crest and the date, time, word “Knows,” swoosh and neck tape glow in the dark. The Tee will retail at P1,095 while the 259 Pacman Knows Trainer 1 Mid is P5,995.




A first-come, first-served scheme will be applied when doors open at 9:25pm on September 25, and a one-shoe and maximum of three tees per customer policy shall be implemented. No reservations will be accepted at the store. Pacquiao fans get the chance to claim their own triumph with the release of exclusive products. Only 259 pairs of the 259 Pacman Knows Trainer 1 Mid shoe along with 1,000 pieces of the Pacman Knows Tees will be sold at Nike Park The Fort at exactly 9:25pm.

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