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Beyond the Box now open 24 hours on weekends for emergency gadget purchases

We have 24-hour convenience stores and 24-hour fast food chains. But sometimes, because our lives are so intertwined with technology we sometimes NEED to find a new laptop before the start of a new day. Or an iPad. Or a charger for your MacBook (because the old one broke while you were burning the midnight oil). Or a replacement battery.

Well just so you know, the flagship store of Beyond the Box is open 24 hours on weekends and until 12 midnight on weekdays. BTW this will last till the end of summer but who knows, if there is demand for this place to stay open at 4AM, then hopefully Charlie will keep these store hours.

The Beyond the Box flagship store is located in One Rockwell. If you haven’t been there, it’s not exactly in the mall. It’s a street cross away and can be found near Wine Story and right beside the new Apartment 1B.