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Bye webOS. We **barely** knew you. Also, too bad for Manny Pacquiao

EDIT: Since the annoucement, the HP TouchPad is now being sold at a happy USD 0.00. If you have a friend from the USA coming home to the PH, I suggest grabbing one!

If I were you, try to find someone with a mint webOS device. Then find a way to get Manny Pacquiao to sign it. Re-seal it and keep it in mothballs for the time when your toddler reaches manhood so he can sell it for lots of money.

Sad to see webOS go. But really, with the huge dominance of Android and iOS, there really seems to be no more space for a new app ecosystem to thrive. Looks like HP pulled the plug sooner than later.

There seems to be a huge curse put on this particular OS. For avid fans, this isn’t the first time the platform has been canned. In the beginning, Palm’s success led to the spawning of a quasi sister company / competitor called Handspring that was more focused on hardware attachment modules to Palm OS-licensed devices. Handspring was later on re-acquired. Then Palm had a bit of identity crisis, changing their name to palmOne and then back to Palm and then selling to HP to reincarnate as webOS. And then now HP doesn’t seem to know what to do with them. Oh well. Palm is the equivalent of the cursed Defense of the Dark Arts teaching position of the tech world.