The ‘need to know complex’

Author’s note: This piece originally appeared as a column entry in the May 2006 issue of MPH where I was one of the founding editors at large. MPH was literally the biggest tech magazine in the local industry that focused on technology that could fit in your pocket. This piece brings me great joy, emanating from the fact that the thoughts are frozen in time – frozen in 2006. Updating RSS feeds. EDGE. WiFi as a novelty. This piece is more than a decade old. And you know what? Some things just don’t change.

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I ended up with an Oppo A9 2020 Edition and have no regrets

A quick review. But more photos.

Phones. I used to review a lot of these back in the day. Then I took a hiatus after covering Mobile World Congress. That was back in 2011. Barcelona was the summit. I stopped. Fell in love with other things. Mobile phones took a backseat – not from the usage, but from the writing. It was tough to move on with life, putting all your hobbies and interests into compartments. The mistake people make is they leave nothing for themselves and in this age of Alexa, surveillance, social media, the sacred is what is not shared. It is the exception, not the norm.


Did Facebook replace Frame Studio for Spark AR?

Actually, no. The link is just broken.

If you’re like me — someone who wants to create a custom Facebook profile photo frame but can’t seem to find where the feature is, you’re in luck.

Back then, you could easily create a Facebook Frame using Facebook Frame Studio. But every time you click on a link from the developer help pages you get led to another site — Spark AR.

Let me save you the trouble. The old link is still active, but for some reason it got hidden and you really can’t find it in any Google search. Luckily someone posted the link on the Spark AR community group.


That should lead you to this page. What a load off my chest.


10 Interesting facts about domain names across the world

It is a well known fact that you won’t require to be domain expert to know that the internet is growing exponentially and with each and every second somebody is registering a domain somewhere around the world.

The internet provides a lot of information when it comes to finding out interesting and amazing facts about how to find a great domain name, but there are many little known facts. The .com domain is definitely the most popular choice for TLDs, but there are also many amazing about domain names that need mentioning:

1. The first .COM domain was registered in the year 1985

It was registered under the name of on March 15 1985. The Symbolics Computer Corporation bought purchased the domain name for their new computer development association.

2. Most domains cannot be larger than 63 characters

Domain extensions can have different rules and regulations but many TLDs ask that your domain name to have a maximum of 63 characters. This is considered to be the standard number of characters.

3. It still is possible to own a Soviet Union domain

Before disappearing, the Soviet Union has had a huge involvement in the dynamics of the internet therefore the .su domain names are still present on the web. What is amazing is that the number of .su domains registrations continues to grow fast even if the Soviet Union is no more.

5. Absolutely all of “A” .com domains are currently taken

This is probably the strangest fact but it seems that after a small research providers have noticed that absolutely all domain names containing the letter A under the form of www.1-63 A’ are taken so this means that nobody can own a domain name under the form of www.AAAAA … times 63 .com.

6. The world’s most expensive domain costs $35 million

In the year 2007 the domain was purchased by Mr. Brian Sharples for the price of $35 million USD for his online vacation rental business.

There have been some pretty amazing domain name prices but this is just top of the list.

7. Domain names usually have an average length of 11 characters

A short web analysis reveals that almost all domains have an average length of 11 characters and many of them begin with the letter S most probable because many English words start with and S.

8. At first it was supposed to be

The two main Google founders, Larry Page and Sean Anderson have announced that they initially wanted to call Google “Googol” but because of a small spelling error from “googol” they wrote Google and the rest is already history.

9. Most three-character names are taken

Across the internet there are well over 50,000 possible character combinations that someone can make for a three-character domain name and all of them are already registered. Three-character domain names are extremely good to own because extremely easy to remember.

10. A person registered almost 15,000 domains in just one day

Mike Mann has managed to set a new world record because he has managed to purchase almost 14,962 domains in just the span of 24 hours. When asked what was the purpose of it he simply replied that he is very greedy person and wants to own the entire world.

Final thought

In conclusion across the globe there are over 149,153,371 registered domains and the numbers are climbing very fast as a new domain is created every 10 seconds.

It is easy to say that the internet has many interesting and fascinating sides to it from interesting domain names to some mistakes we can easily say that this world is expanding fast.

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Elias Wicked Ales opens a proper craft beer tap room in BF Homes with brewery behind it

Finally, a proper craft beer tap house right beside the Aguirre Ave gate.

The history of BF Homes’ drinking culture goes back a decade and a half with affordable bars like Central and Tides selling cheap cocktails and mixers by the tumbler (Blue Illusion for P120 for a tumbler — why not?!). Fast forward to the past couple of years, Metro Manila’s F&B scene has been undergoing a golden age with new food concepts popping up around Bonifacio Global City, Makati and of course, BF Homes in the south. I’ve written extensively about great finds in BF such as our very first 3rd wave coffee shop, Magnum Opus Fine Coffees and my hands-down favorite tantanmen at Mensakaba Geishu.

Local craft beers and hard ciders from Wednesday to Saturday starting 6PM

What the south seemed to be lacking though was a proper craft cocktail scene. Or if not that, perhaps a tap room that was serious about their beer. many bars have offered beer on tap as an option but none have gone fully committed towards the challenge, as craft beer is by nature more expensive.

Since Elias bought out the previous brewery, they’re selling Bel Ale;s remaining stock for only P300.00 for a 6 pack. This is authentic Belgian Beer folks, and I highly recommend taking this home after enjoying a few glasses of the local tap.

Enter Elias Wicked Ales — the name has been around for quite some time as a local beer player together with the likes of Pedro and Katipunan, but nothing spells dedication as to buying out Bel Ale’s complete paraphernalia, lock stock and barrel. For those who don’t know, Bel Ale was a south player I so wanted to succeed, but then I learned that their office by the BF gate was nothing more than, well, an office and not a proper tap room. Elias bought everything last year and today are still selling the remaining stock of beer (SO YES IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR REALLY GOOD BELGIAN BEER, PLEASE DROP BY AND BUY P300.00 FOR A 6 PACK WHICH IS A STEAL!)

Elias Wicked Ales is open from Wednesday to Saturday starting 6PM. They’re closed from Sunday to Tuesday because a lot of back of house brewing work happens on those days — it doesn’t get any fresher than that. Apart from craft beers, they also have a range of hard ciders (a moment of silence for Spiffy’s Grove in BF Homes — we miss you). The bartenders (BEER-tenders heh) tell me that since they don’t serve food, guests can opt to order from restaurants around the vicinity. Since they’re located right at the BF Homes Aguirre Gate (by China Bank, the BF Park and Pergola), choices for food as well as parking won’t be a problem.