Space Saving Tips for Your Home

Are you running out of space in your home? Typically, while small houses are known to run out of room faster than bigger ones, all types of houses can run out of space as the usage of the available space increases. 

Generally, running out of room is not bad, and it does not mean you have to move out. Therefore, before you think of looking for larger spaces and moving out, you should first try to ensure that all the available spaces in your house are well utilized and that you have done as much as possible to save the available space. 

This article will give you a list of seven space-saving ideas that you can innovatively use to provide clearance in your home.

1. Replace table lamps with wall sconces

Floor lamps and table lamps are essentially the standards in most bedrooms. Typically, if you have a floor lamp or table lamp, you will need extra space for the table or the floor lamp’s stand. However, you can save your space by using wall sconces instead of the table lamp or floor lamp. Besides saving your bedroom space, wall sconces also give your bed a more refined and polished look. You can even add a slim bedside table for your essential needs with more space.

2. Exhaust your cabinet space

Saving the space in your home starts with exhausting the available space by making it more accommodating. For instance, you can install sliding drawers in your cabinets. This will allow them to hold more things and also allow you to save space on your countertops. You can keep inside the sliding drawer cabinets includes cooking ware, wine, and a trash can. While you benefit from a more spacious room, you also benefit from a cleaner space, classic appearance, and hidden garbage.

3. Add lofts to your high ceiling

There are instances where your space may be small but with a high ceiling. For example, if your bedroom or kitchen has a high ceiling, you can create a loft to maximize this height. This is primarily a great idea if you live in a studio apartment. You can easily separate your cooking space from your living room and the bedroom with lofts. Additionally, you get extra space to organize your things better.

4. Use Pocket doors

Pocket doors are another innovation that could help transform your space with no hardware trace. Typically, if you use a swing door that swings into your house when you open, this leaves inadequate clearance for you to develop the space around the door and use it for other purposes. 

The area around your door can be used to store other items such as shoe racks, extra cabinets, or even living room space items. Essentially, unlike the traditional swing doors, pocket doors disappear into a pocket which leaves you with enough clearance to plan for and implement innovative ideas. Additionally, pocket doors give your house a more classic look.

5. Add some pull-out tables

Tables are also some of the largest space consumers in your house. However, considering that they are vital for your home, you can innovatively add them without consuming extra space. For instance, if you mainly work from home and have no additional space to convert into an office or the space is inadequate to add an office table, you can add a sliding table in the most convenient place in your house. This could be in the kitchen, bedroom, or even living room. With this innovation, you slide out the table each time you need to use it, and then you tuck it back when you are done using it.

6. Add shelves to your walls

If you still have unused space on your walls, you still have more space. Typically, you can add multiple shelves to your walls and put all the books, pictures, and other items on these shelves. Essentially, this minimizes the need to stack your books in a bedside drawer or living room table if you have no extra space. Additionally, carvings, sculptures, and other items that beautify your house can go into these shelves. With the new space created, you can add more statement-making sofas and tables.

7. Wall-mounted storage for your cookware

Instead of adding kitchen cabinets to your narrow and small spaced kitchen, you can install a wall-mounted storage unit that holds all your cookware. This way, the available space is left for counters and cooking appliances. While it opens up your space, a wall mount gives your kitchen an organized look.

In essence, however small your space is, there are always ideas to make it more accommodating. You can always ensure that your room is large enough to handle your needs, from pocket doors to shelves on the walls.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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