Did Facebook replace Frame Studio for Spark AR?

EDIT: August 2021 — Apparently there’s a new thing in FB where you can still do it but you need to do it from a PAGE and not a Profile. Oh well.


Actually, no. The link is just broken.

If you’re like me — someone who wants to create a custom Facebook profile photo frame but can’t seem to find where the feature is, you’re in luck.

Back then, you could easily create a Facebook Frame using Facebook Frame Studio. But every time you click on a link from the developer help pages you get led to another site — Spark AR.

Let me save you the trouble. The old link is still active, but for some reason it got hidden and you really can’t find it in any Google search. Luckily someone posted the link on the Spark AR community group.


That should lead you to this page. What a load off my chest.

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Doesn’t work and Facebook is turning it off world wide. Only their pet projects can now post frames. Clean air, Covid and something else a rare few can access the frames. they are also taking frames off of profiles one by one.

I guess it’s about “Facebook control’ — yes, they only seem to want their own ‘favorite causes’ to be able to create these profile frames. That’s very unfortunatete.
Is it possible to create your own with an appropriately transparent PNG file to get around FB’s limitation?

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