5 Tips For Turning Traveling The World Into Your Job

So, you’ve decided you would like to travel the world and work as a travel blogger. Or at the very least, you’re toying with the idea. Heck, maybe you already are traveling the world and are just looking for more tips.

Here are five tips for turning traveling the world into your job:

Tip #1 – Have A Way To Quickly Send and Receive Money

Traveling from country to country means you must have a means to quickly send and receive money and to convert your money from one currency to another. This best way to do this will be to utilize the services of a money transfer business such as You can either walk into the physical establishment of a money transfer business to use their service or you can utilize their services online or on an app if they have one.

Tip #2 – Don’t Neglect Other Ways To Make Money

Just because you work or want to work as a travel blogger does not mean that you should avoid other ways to make money. Traveling from country to country is not exactly inexpensive and you need to have a steady source of income.

In addition to your travel blog (from which you will likely make money through ad revenue and affiliate links), you can also put your skills to the test through freelancing (writing, graphic design, website design, social media manager, etc.) in order to make even more money on the side.

Tip #3 – Do Fun Stuff

People who visit your blog will always be more engaged and likely to turn into repeat readers if you do interesting stuff while you travel. Don’t just visit hotels and eat at restaurants. Actually do fun activities, like biking, hiking, swimming, camping, sailing, and so on.

Tip #4 – Get A Tourism Card

As was noted above, traveling isn’t cheap. It’s certainly one of the downsides to working as a travel blogger.

But one way you can mitigate this cost as much as possible will be to buy a tourism card, which is offered at most local tourism officers. It will give you free public transportation and discounts to restaurants, tours, and other attractions.

Tip #5 – Create Content That’s Useful To Readers

In addition to creating content that shows you on your adventures, you should also create content that is actually useful to readers. Examples of topics you can write that readers should find value in include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Food/restaurant recommendations in specific cities
  • Tips for traveling on a budget
  • A list of the cheapest and most expensive places to travel
  • Activities to do at specific locations
  • Best places to go shopping in specific cities
  • Top reasons to travel
  • Tips on traveling safely
  • Tips on traveling with children

Working While Traveling The World

Working while traveling the world is a very fun and rewarding adventure, and each of these five tips will definitely be ones you should keep in mind.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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