Spiffy’s Grove Cider Bar in El Grande, BF Homes

Aguirre Ave in BF Homes has garnered a reputation for being a food haven. Though not quite in Aquirre Avenue, El Grande, which runs perpendicular to BF Homes’ main road brings a similar charm of food real estate. For instance, Fat Butchick’s and Spin Cafe are some of the must-try places for any southern (or norther!) foodie. But this piece isn’t about these two. Today we’re here to talk about Spiffy’s Grove, BF Homes’ first cider bar.

spiffys grove bf homes

I got wind of this place from Jonathan Choi’s Instagram account as he supplies their cold brew. But this place isn’t really about the coffee. It’s about their ciders and “jaffles.” Located at 412 El Grande Avenue (a few meters down from Fat Butchick’s) the place resembles a beachside bar, one you’d typically find in Boracay with tables, huge pillows and floor seating. This place screams shorts and flip flops and you can spend hours nursing two or three ciders of various fruity flavors – or if you prefer something non-alcoholic, they have a rather refreshing lemon & lime bitters.


Let’s talk about the jaffles — basically grilled sandwiches with a variety of filling from corned beef hash to …. spaghetti! Here’s a photo of the former — I promised myself to try the spaghetti filling next time.

corned beef jaffles spiffys grove

There’s a rather huge misconception about ciders and their alcohol content. At 5% alcohol per bottle, the fruity flavors seem to mask the fact that you’re consuming a lot of alcohol — especially when you get to three or four bottles, because it really just seems like you’re drinking a carbonated fruit drink (they’re really good BTW!). So go with a friend. Enjoy their pica-pica and order a couple of their ciders.


VERDICT: Would go back again! Although their food choices are still limited, the ciders are really why you should check this place out.

Spiffy’s Grove
412 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes

By Jayvee Fernandez

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