Check out these awesome screenshots from the first hour of Rise of the Tomb Raider


The Tomb Raider reboot, at least in my opinion, was one of the more recent successes in injecting a refreshing take on everyone’s favorite heroine. With this second installment, Lara Croft is back – obsessed, bruised and broken as she tries to follow her father’s footsteps for the search for immortality.

Even with the first installment, Square Enix has done an amazing job with the environments, and Rise of the Tomb Raider follows through with the action. At times you can’t quite tell if you’re in the middle of a cut scene or in the actual game — till Lara actually falls off a cliff. It’s happened many times, as I didn’t know I was already in-game.

I’m still about an hour into the game and in the middle of the second sequence and it seems, at least as far as I’m in, more of the same puzzle solving, platforming, quick time events, and jump-scares that the first offered. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is out now for all platforms. I’m currently playing this version on Steam for the PC. Enjoy the screengrabs!










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EDIT: I had no idea there was a slots version of Tomb Raider. Perhaps later on an option of bingo games?

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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