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Quit with the Inefficient Spy Apps for iPhone – Switch to one that’s Worth It!

The iPhone is a complicated device and is certainly more problematic to monitor. And you might even be tired of your current iOS spy because it’s not worth a dime but somehow you did get trapped because of the fancy marketing tactics. It’s not a lost battle as yet: switch to the phone tracker today that is worth your money!

‘Not Another Run-of-the-Mill iOS spy!’
If you’re too irked with all these spy apps for iPhone probably you would be about to close this article. But this is no marketing gimmick. If you really have tried all these apps, you might be familiar with XNSPY as well. May be you did not get a chance to know about it but it is advised do take this article seriously.


We base our credibility on imparting tech info to people who are not tech savvy. And therefore recommend the software that has been trusted by many so you won’t end up getting wrong with anything.
When it comes to spying on iPhones, we generally recommend Xnspy to our readers and so far we have not received any negative feedback from them. Although there could be somewhat mixed opinion but it isn’t all that negative for sure.

Xnspy has the following features that are available at the moment:
• Read incoming and outgoing SMS and e-mails
• Read both sides chats
• View call history and contacts
• Record phone surroundings
• Check web browsing history
• View pictures and videos
• Receive trigger alerts on specific words in SMS and e-mails
• Set trigger alerts for specific contacts and e-mail IDs
• Remotely backup and delete sensitive data
• Lock phone remotely
• Tracing geo-location
• Viewing location history

Unlike many other spy apps for iPhone available in the market, XNSPY is fully compatible with iOS 6.0 and above. This includes the latest iOS as well, which means it will even run on your brand new iPhone 6S. The thing about this app is that basically you need a Jailbroken handset for Xnspy to run on it. But to cater the needs of all of its users, the iOS NoJailbreak version does wonders for you. So basically, Jailbreak or NoJailbreak, Xnspy is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, or probably more than that.


Setting it up!
The starting procedure is fairly simple. You simply need to visit their website at and register for an account. The registration process is completed within seconds and you then proceed to installation of this app in your target phone. With the installation completed, all you ever require to do is use your log-in credentials provided by Xnspy and gain access to all the information that is present inside your target handset.

But rest assured, Xnspy is definitely trusted by loads of parents and employers as it has more than 50,000 clients already and the number keeps growing by the day. So instead of experimenting with new spy apps for iPhone available in the market, it’s good that you switch to XNSPY iOS spy because chances are little that you’d get disappointment.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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