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What to wear? It’s a classic question many people face everyday. Fifteen11 Pte Ltd. recently announced the launch of Pick My Style a breakthrough Android app that makes answering this question with the help of peers simple, exciting and more fun than ever. Users have responded with enthusiasm.

To my fashion blogger friends: I’d love for you to try out a new app developed by some of my friends. Pick My Style is essentially your “mobile second opinion” allowing you to say “yay!” or “nay!” to other people’s #OOTD from around the world. You cna also opt to crowdsource a fashion opinion if you are torn between two pieces of fashion.


Making fashion choices can be a challenge at times, especially when there’s a few different choices involved. While many people turn to a friend’s opinion, there’s always those times when no one’s around to lend a hand. Innovative Singapore based software developers Fifteen11 Pte Ltd. recently announced the release of their exciting new app that presents a solution to this concern, Pick My Style. Pick My Style offers users a chance to get instant style feedback in a variety of ways that can make fashion choices faster, easier and much more fun.



“We couldn’t be more passionate about Pick My Style,” commented a spokesperson from Fifteen11 Pte. “We know our app delivers a huge amount of value to fashion lovers and with the right exposure could be the runaway hit of the year. It’s awesome that our early users agree! Pick you style and see what your peers have to say, for better or worse.”



According to the company, Pick My Style offers several different benefits for users, with highlights including: the ability to post a style and get a 2nd opinion; post two different styles and get opinions on which one is the right choice; get real feedback from users and have an inside view on what’s hot and what’s not; vote in the Pick My Style style feed and help other users make their own fashion decisions; and much, much more.

Pick My Style is available as a download from the Google Play store and requires Android 4.0 and up.

Feedback for users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Shey Dibona, recently said in a five star review, “A very cool app. Instagram meets Tinder for fashion. Just as addictive and simple to use.”



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