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Game Review: Slotomania for iOS and Android (FREE)

The gaming world comes up with new games every month, and at times it is not wrong to call that the market is almost raining with gaming apps. In fact, the users of the Android, iPhone or other Apple devices sometimes get confused with what their choice should be. When it comes to slot games, the users would like to try as many slot games as possible until they feel contented after playing the best slot game ‘Slotomania’. Slotomania is a free video game app, which can be downloaded without any hassle. Additionally the Facebook users too can make use of the app for playing the game with their friends and extending their friends list by inviting new friends.


Varied Gameplay
Slotomania has more than 55 slot machines so slot game lovers would jump with joy after seeing this much of a variety. Excellent range is something you would tend to love this slot machine game. Those who miss the games in the real world, try to play their mimics in the virtual world, but would not be satisfied because of the monotony. With Slotomania, when you keep playing and winning different games, you can open the higher levels. You will find it easy at the initial levels, so you are eager to open more slots,. But as you move on the levels, you need to understand that the game becomes more challenging.

Sharp Gameplay
Generally speaking, free slot games have sub-par graphics. Or the entire ambiance is monotonous or something that would bore you off. But here the graphics are magnificent and sharp, and the quality of the sound is also excellent. You will understand about the gameplay in quite faster time. When you see that moving to various higher levels is what the game is all about, you can see that earning coins is also much necessary. Access to the locked content is possible by this way and you need the virtual coins to start with it. You get the bonus points for joining, but you have to keep earning them too. When you have no points left, then you can get them as gifts from your friends. You can also help your friends when they are in need.

For the enthusiastic players, the process can look slower and they would be waiting eagerly to find if they can move up the levels faster. Yes, they can, with a VIP program, accessing the locked content is quicker and easier. Another interesting thing for those who play on Facebook is that the Facebook friends appear on the screen. The images keep spinning when you play with the Reel Friends slot app. While this is quite enjoyable, and with Slotomania, you can expect anything exciting and they will keep coming up with such things in the future too.

Bottom Line
What is best about Slotomania is that the non-stop fun is guaranteed! For those, who think that lots of money is involved, there are ways to stick to the budget too. You can invest what you can and then play carefully and move up the levels with the winning points. You do not need to give in much of real money actually. However, it cannot be denied that for those who love to spend and does not find it a problem, the game is much more fun indeed.

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By Jayvee Fernandez

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