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Fanny Wang 3000 Series Noise Cancelling Cans sell for PHP 15,720

fanny wang cans

EDIT: Clarification that there are two models available.

OK let’s get this out of the way first: for a pair of these noise cancelling cans, prepare to plop down PHP 15,720 for them. There is a lower 1000 series (PHP 8,910) and a higher 3000 series with the noise cancellation technology. It comes in a nice protective bag too.

Almost nobody has beard of Fanny Wang in the Philippines. But these guys have been around for a while and have always been an established global brand. Last year I did a quick preview of their headphones but failed to post a real hands on. This year I found out that the MSI-ECS group will be heavily distributing these amazing set of cans.

For the steep price of headphones, what do you get? For one, it comes in a super elegant and practical fit case complete with lanyard and storage pouch for your cables. Outside the flashy exterior colors, Fanny Wang delivers impressive audio quality with three settings: “normal” (which is basically your vanilla setting), “active noise cancelling mode” which blocks off 95% of other sounds and a similar setting but with better bass. Warning: wearing these w/ noise cancelling turned on will really block off noise from external sources so you will barely hear other people trying to talk to you in their regular tone of voice with music playing. Turned on with nothing playing in the background is … deafening. Yes, the silence can be deafening and to be honest I use this mode (with no music) when I really need to get down with serious writing assignments.

fanny wangs

At its current price point, this is one of the more affordable noise cancelling earphones in the market today. High end models will set you back by around PHP 20,000 or more. I won’t pretend to be an audio expert — my knowledge of audio output devices isn’t as verbose as what I do with phones, but I can definitely say that these headphones make for a good case, especially for video gaming. I would honestly suggest trying these first and then decide if the noise cancelling feature is worth your money.

fanny wang

fanny wang 2


Oh and just one more thing — Fanny Wang headphones come with a special audio jack — it comes with a second 3.5mm input hole which lets you insert a second pair of headphones. You can now listen to the same music with a friend with 2 pairs of headphones! 😀


Fanny Wang 1000 series Stylish and Professional Headphones

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