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Smart introduces LTE Plan 1749, makes available LTE Pocket WiFi

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Today, SMART announced its LTE Pocket WiFi which is essentially .. well, the WiFi version of the LTE dongle they launched a couple of weeks ago.

The new LTE Pocket WiFi comes in PLAN 1749 (PHP 1749 per month) for 42mbps. For those wondering what happened to Plan 3500, the only difference is the data cap which will be implemented by end of January 2013. Plan 1749 will be capped at 10GB while PLAN 3500 is capped at 21GB. To be quite honest, LTE is really going to get even cheaper (as you’ve seen from how the rates were just lowered in only a couple of weeks). So yeah, it’s going to get even more affordable.

NOTE: If you’re worried about the bandwidth cap, there are also LTE packages for enterprise OR you can just apply for PLDT FIBR which is basically the next-gen fixed line connection with no cap.

Here’s a boon: You can upgrade to the LTE Pocket WiFi by adding a one time fee of PHP 2,000.00. That’s very fair considering these devices can go for more than PHP 10,000.00

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By Jayvee Fernandez

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