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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Philippines!

Samsung’s much awaited Galaxy Tab 10.1 is in the Philippines. Behind closed doors that is. And this is their prototype, not ready for commercial release.

Let’s take a look!

I first saw the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. But it was too crowded to really appreciate it as everyone was flocking to the Samsung booth. So one quick SMS to Samsung and a confirmation sent me driving over to their office. They left me all by myself in one of their conference rooms with the only unit in the country. This one had WiFi / 3G.

The deal maker is the ultra thin design. The back can be a tad slippery as it’s made out of high quality plastic. So yes it can get a bit oily on the hands after a while. Nonetheless, it’s still great to hold.

It’s everything that the blogs are reporting — it competes in form factor with the iPad 2 as it sports a really thin design. Thinner than the iPad 2. But that’s not important. If you’re an iPad junkie, you wouldn’t care. What’s important is that this is by far the most attractive looking Honeycomb tablet in the market.

If the prototype’s here that means the devices will be on retail soon. I’m estimating some time in July. Exciting! If you want a tablet with an awesome form factor, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 delivers.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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I’m waiting for the 8″ screened one. Btw, looking at the above pics, I can’t blame Apple for suing Samsung for copying. That almost looks like the ipad2 (without the home screen button ofc.)

Sure na po ba ang sim card and microSD slot sa product na irerelease dito sa Phils? Kasi base sa mga napapanood ko and nababasa, wala daw yun sa irerelease ng Samsung. Pero kung meron nga mas okay talaga. And when po kaya ito ibebenta ng Samsung Phils.?

Is it also upgraded to Honeycomb 3.1?

Thanks! Sorry if I have a lot of questions, haha I’ve been waiting for this for 2 months, kaya hopefully they release this as soon as possible. 😀 Thanks again!

I bet that Samsung will just sell a dock that will support USB hosting and HDMI. In that way they’ll make more $Kaching$ because people will be dying for USB capabilities.

How bout the performance? Both have the same hardware and software but is their a difference in their performance?

The ASUS I tried was the retail version. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 I tried was a prototype. So I can’t compare. The latter had hiccups. Well it was a prototype. But in terms of specs both run TEGRA II which means they should be similar in performance. I am not sure about battery life.

which do you prefer…. SGT 10.1 and Acer Iconia A500.. btw.. did you have any reviews for Iconia A500? I’m planning to buy soon but im still confuse which one is better.. many thanks for any inputs…

Yeah Smart will carry it. I have a friend from smart. And i saw it at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Ang kinaiinisan ko lang sa Samsung matagal mag release tapos sa sobrang tagal may bago na naman na tablet.

May New Galaxy Tab 7″ na eh. 1.2ghz and dual core pa.

Launched: How much longer would the units inside the warehouses be deprived from air? Are they having a hard time with their inventory preparations and distribution for ph?

Price TBA: And have they not made up their mind yet on how much they’re going to profit here? Hey man! Prices are out elsewhere. It just takes a cd-r king calculator to do addition! And publish. Hmmm… they’re like “lets see…. Tax for ph, xxxTax for Secretary of/Chairman so & so, Margin for Sammy, Margin for Sammy ph, Dealer’s Share, Promotions, did we miss someone on the list?…. again, again… Tax for ph, Tax for…., Tax for…., Tax for…., Tax especially for…., I think that’s enough… like ipad2, watchatink?, not?, again, again, again… are we the ones paying Smart to carry our product? or the other way around for the exclusive rights…. hmmmm… it’s 5pm, let’s just talk about this again tomorrow… enthusiasts are going to buy anyway whatever the price is”

Wifi Only: did they realize (from Tab 7″) that few eager buyers would buy the less-featured model (wifi only) already when released late but buys mostly from the first released model (whatever model it might be)? they’re like “this time, let’s release the wifi units first and those who would really wait for the gsm units would still wait and buy. that’s selling both to the compulsive and the all-in-feature-only buyers”

@Jayvee Fernandez: This picture above has the tab with a white back cover. Will they be releasing units that have a black back cover like they did with other countries?


It’s already end of July, available na ba ang Galaxy Tab 10.1. I’m planning to buy, If so please post the store address where can i buy?


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