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Sirs and Maams, we’re giving away an ACER Ferrari One 200 this week

EDIT: People asked why no video entries. Well I don’t want video to compete with photo. I’ll see if we can do video for another round =)

OK kids, let’s go. This is definitely a prize we’re not planning to give away to charity. Say hello to ACER’s Ferrari One 200. It’s one of those rare machines that run on an AMD Processor which means that you’re getting a great gaming rig at an insanely affordable price. ACER is launching this beast of a machine this month. Just look at it! SRP PHP39,990.00

I’m posting the full press release:

Ferrari One 200 – Zooming fast along the road to innovation

If it were a race to total innovation in the information technology sphere, then Acer’s Ferrari One 200 would definitely zoom ahead of the pack.

Reflecting the award-winning Ferrari’s spirit of passion, exquisiteness, speed, and performance when it comes to racing, the Acer Ferrari One 200totally emulated these traits in terms of mobile computing that goes beyond perfection.

Exuding an exclusive yet exuberant style reserved for the strong in mind and character, the Ferrari One 200 is indeed remarkable in the truest sense of the word. Toting an 11.6-inch high-definition with high brightness TFT LCD screen and less-than-one-inch-thick frame, don’t be fooled by this sexy, ultra-portable notebook for it delivers superb performance that would surely make onlookers drool with envy.

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor L310 (1.20GHz, 1MB L2 cache) and an AMD M780G chipset are at the heart of the Ferrari One 200’s engine. It has a 3GB DDR2 memory that’s upgradeable to 4GB. Video power is courtesy of an ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics with up to 2047MB of HyperMemory, with 256 + 128MB dedicated and up to 1663MB shared system video memory.

Despite its diminutive size, the Ferrari One 200 boasts of a 500GB SATA hard drive for all your photos, videos, and other important files that need storage. Plus, with both a built-in Gigabit LAN and 802.11a/b/g/Draft N Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN, the Ferrari One 200 guarantees swift connectivity that makes connecting to the Internet seem just like zooming to 100 kph in under 6 seconds so you can zip ahead to Web browsing bliss.

The Ferrari One 200 also promises a genuine championship performance with up to 5 hours of battery life on a full charge. Though smaller than your usual magazine, it comes with a checkered palm rest finish for enhanced typing comfort, a full-size Acer FineTip keyboard, and a power button that lights up in exciting Ferrari red. Also, its special rear design makes it easy to grab for more ease of use and mobility in its already-ultraportable frame. Add to that a multi-in-1 card reader for more storage options, multi-gesture touchpad for effortless navigation, and flexible connectivity through its 3 USB ports.

The Ferrari One 200’s passion for entertainment can’t be ignored either. Its Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit bright and beautiful display assures 33 percent more energy savings yet provides optimum viewing pleasure when watching movies or playing your favorite games, coupled with 3rd generation Dolby Home Theater surround sound for an even more compelling multimedia experience.

Plus, if you’re an avid fan of first-class, high-definition viewing amid your mobile lifestyle, the Ferrari One 200’s DynaVivid Graphics Dock allows for multiple connectivity to various video output, from projector, monitor and TV. At a light 3.31 pounds or 1.5 kilograms, that’s an incredible amount of flexibility in your hands.

So go zoom ahead and get yourself behind this beautiful baby. Once you’re on-board, you’re definitely going to have the competition eat your dust as you go full speed ahead in the race for innovation in the field of information technology.

This computer is sick. SICK! Which is why we’re going to up the ante, giving a chance to other talents who have requested contests other than writing. Not my idea. Someone did mention it was about time that other talents were utilized for the contests 🙂

PHOTOS YOU MAY WANT TO USE: Here’s the link.


ACER Ferrari One 200


1. Using the tools of your computer and / or the power of the Internet at your disposal, create a poster / for the ACER Ferrari One 200. I have provided some photos (you can easily find more photos of the “Acer Ferrari One 200” online), product information and specs which you may (or may not) use. You have more chances of winning if you really just go and have fun with it and not take yourself too seriously with this one. I just have one request: please don’t bash the product.

2. Entries will be submitted in the comments section. You can submit your entry by sending it via a link to the photo (suggest you use sites like . You can submit as many as you want. You may submit entries in moving GIF format as well. Again, links, no email submissions!

3. Validity date for entries is between now and 11:59PM of Sunday, January 23 2011.

4. No, this won’t be used for official ACER promotional material.

5. This is a nationwide contest but the winner should be able to pick up the computer from ACER Philippines in Makati.

6. I have the final say. If there are any discrepancies, my decision is final. But yes we are giving this away to a winner. I’m excited!

P.S. If you’re looking for inspiration, here you go.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

440 replies on “Sirs and Maams, we’re giving away an ACER Ferrari One 200 this week”

Nice One sir this is what we like but im sad, my photoshop is outdated, ill buy an0ther fake again later ! Can’t wait to create and pass my viral entries. .hehe
And by the way should we put a specs of it in the poster?hehe. .thanks

I was thinking about video entries din. Thanks for opening “hello”. Okay, I’ll stick with GIFs and JPGs.

I’m so excited to win a new laptop!
@sanctuarian06, why keep a negative thought? who knows? we might win this time around! just keep your enthusiasm ON!

@Sanctuarian06: Hahaha… Everyone’s hopeful though. Baka nga si NemOry eh..mukha kasing magaling when it comes to making stuffs like this..(peace) Di kasi ako magaling when it comes to editing pics and vids..haha. Well, let’s just exert our best, baka sakali.. Good luck to us all and enjoy playing the game.. 😉

@jared I saw his video entry on yugatech, kinda funny though. May laban din, lahat naman may laban eh, we dont know Mr. Jayvee’s taste. Haha. Goodluck anyways.

Ngekz na mention pa ako ha, .hehe. . ,sayang nga sa yugatech hindi naka panalo.sana this time magkaka computer nako..hopefully

@Nemory: Hahaha…Sori ha. No bad intentions. =)
Mukhang naging chatroom yung comments section; pasensya po sir Jayvee, dala lang siguro ng
Post na tayu nang entries guys..hehehe. Showing how creative Filipinos are! =)

Has the rules changed? It says create a poster nalang and wala na ung viral? Marami narin kasi akong nagawang viral images hindi ko palang nauupload. haha.

@karlo / @sherwood / etc

sorry only saw the other comments now. weird, parang na-spam folder sya for some reason. buti nalang karlo emailed me. guys if for some reason your comments are being marked as spam, send me an email (see about page).

Entry 4

@kuya jayvee – Talagang ganun. Pag talaga maganda prize madaming mag jo join. Galing talaga! Sana may isa pang contest, yung Ferrari na car naman. 🙂 Kaso baka ma down yung server mo pag kotse ang prize. Hihi.

@sir jayvee: pero okey na po ba? kala ko po na blocked na ako…lol
wala po bang conso? hahaha wasn’t expecting the grand prize kasi.. hehehe i’ll try to submit my entries on weekends, dami assignments this week + mid term exams pa..
pero nung sa Samsung shark contest na experience ko po ito; wala po yung mga entries ko..:(

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Can the winners of the previous contest submit entries and try (and pray) to win the acer laptop? =D

HORROR: Second day na ng competition. Wala pa akong maisip na concept.

ROMANTIC COMEDY: I fell in love sa entries ng iba.

MYSTERY: Sasali pa ba ako?

oi buti nakita q, pwd na pala GIF?chaka nawala ung word na Viral at Brochure, but gonna make again,hehe,

Hiya Jayvee!

I submitted 4 entries so far, but I thought I’d revamp them and add one more. Just created an album for your convenience 😉 Hope y’all like them.

To view the entries individually:


@bryanmot — noted =)
Entry # 1 – LAPS >
Entry # 2 – CAR WASH >
Entry # 3 – WHEELS >
Entry # 4 – SPEED/STYLE >
Entry # 5 – FINISH LINE >

Good luck to everyone.

yes sir.. I really have dropbox account po… but no yousendit account…. why po sir?? pwd ba mg share ng files to other users there??? hehehhe
I think my username in dropbox is NemOry or nemoryoliver…
Hope you download it successfully,, 4shared is overloaded of users…

I’m having fun viewing the entries. @Nemory I can’t view your entry, do I need to download it to view it? arghh. 25MB will take hours haha. I love some of the entries, some are funny haha.nice job guys.

@clover pag may time ka nalang download m0, .o kaya whle sleeping.hehe. . .ako ka pamilya .kayo??haha

@Andrew, na download mo ba?hehe. .ang prob ko talaga ang hirap e upload, pag render ko minsan aabot talaga ng 100MB 3D e,simple 3D Nlg nga ginamit ko e d kaya e upl0ad pg 100mb, kya minus na ang ibng realistic fx. .
: )

I downloaded your entry nemory. and laki! Pero dun na ba natapos yun dun sa specs ng ferrari one?

d pa po natapos sa specs….i hope @sir jayvee can know this….ung last ay ang title na zooming fast along the
road to innovation…hehe…try playing it on quicktime and latest windows media player…

thanks po @vicente.haha

haha i also read some of the comments here,
@bryanmot, afterfx is a wonder, i’m a fan of that software 😀 haha,
@nemory, i also checked it, man cool! it’s like v-copilot, astig FX!
anyways, gudluck to all!

My 6th and last entry for today, coz I have lot of other things to do:

Thanks, I had so much fun doing all these entries. Hindi po ako marunong but I’ve tried my best to discover how. How I wish I know how to use the GIF. Marami sana akong ideas eh.
Well, good luck to all of us participants. May the best and truly deserving win. God bless po!

I must say that this is a great game! It’s definitely a nice challenge and also a great stress reliever after a hard day at work. Keep it up! =D

Wow! The entries are BLOWING UP! Haha. Had my 9th & 10th na already but I guess I need more editing para hindi paulit ulit ang upload. 🙂

@nemory,nice effort man! but i think you should’ve tried submitting it for a video contest. gif format will degrade the quality of your work. i just hope a still graphic will win this one. pero effort talaga ang lahat. nice!goodluck everyone.

@ehmjay, atleast naka GIF format naman po siya, kasi ang video convertible naman sa GIF e, nung una wala pa si sir ng allow GIF but n0w pwede na kaya ayun .hehe. .
Anyways thanks po.

Acer Ferrari One : Possessing EXTREME functionalities!

@NemOry: Grabe, na.ubos yung time ko sa nang entry mp ah..hehe. But it was nice! =)

Baka ito na last entry ko. Kasi two festivals are being celebrated ngayon dito in Iloilo. The Kasadyahan Festival which just ended since tapos na lahat nang competing tribes mag.perform. And tomorrow would be the Dinagyang Festival! Dagyang ta everyone! Hala bira Iloilo! 😀

@Jared89 ok lang atleast hindi na corrupt?haha, . ,nga pala pareho ta ilonggo, ara ko da nag ligad iloilo pag contest namun sng jan 14.haha,timing opening man ka fiesta to,hehe

sir jayvee eto po yung mga entries ko, may naisip pa sana akong mas ok na topic like surreal designs/futuristic pero di kaya ng pc ko ngayon(nag ccrash).. sana ay maibigan mo.

sana mapansin. 🙂

Sir, thank you nga po pla sa mga pacontest mo, sana marami pang dumating. 🙂

Here’s my ENTRY:

Hope you like it Sir Jayvee! Sana familiar ka sa concept na yan sir, kung nanonood ka ng TV Commercials. Hehe.

Thank you so much for this opportunity sir, hope you enjoy viewing my entry, for sure matutuwa at matatawa ka! 🙂

Here’s my ENTRY:

Hope you like it Sir Jayvee! Sana familiar ka sa concept na yan sir, kung nanonood ka ng TV Commercials. Hehe.

Thank you so much for this opportunity sir, hope you enjoy viewing my entry, for sure matutuwa at matatawa ka! 🙂

Note: Sir Jayvee wait niyo lang po magload sucessfully yung page para maview niyo mo ng maayos yung entry. Thank you so much and Goodluck sa judging! 🙂

@Rupert Haha funny po entry mo… Lagot ka kay bossing.

Ang aastig ng mga entry nung iba. Effort talaga. Goodluck sa inyong lahat! 🙂

Magandang madaling araw!
Umabot po ba entry ko? Hehehe!

My PC’s clock is synchronized with, which is the same with,, and

I think 11:58 ko na-post ang entry ko. Kaso ano ba’ng time ang susundin? @.@

Anyway, kahit naman ma-validate ang entry ko, marami rin namang kalaban, eh. 😀

Good luck na lang sa’tin.

Let’s see. The time in my PC now is 1:10 am.

Sir, bakit po ganun..hindi ko makita yung 2nd entry ko.?supposed to be s oras na 8:32pm cya..

thanks po.. 🙁

Magandang umaga sa lahat, sana sa mga nag timing ng 11.59 e nkapasok. Hehe. .

pasukan na naman, kapagod pg umaga pasok.hehe

@NemOry: Sensya bg.o lng ko katandog comp liwat…hehe. Wow! Hahaha…Ilonggo kaman gali! Haiz… Kapuy gd gni ka dagyang..haha. Tni mka kitaay gd ta sa sunod. =) Halong lang gd da pirmi ah! 😀

wow! andaming magagandang entries… whoever wins this contest really deserves it. Ilang araw din akong pinag-isip nito hehe.

Hope to have similar contest like this, Jayvee! Thanks and more power to A Bugged Life!

Hi Jayvee,

I noticed that I inadvertently included ‘[IMG]s’ on the link to my entry. Please remove them na lang when you paste the link on a web page so you can view the image. Thanks!

Habi Man says:
January 23, 2011 at 10:52 pm

here’s my lone entry


@jomar,i’m just a spectator here.hehehe.di nako nag-join maramai na magagaling.hehehhe. but my pick is ung may cheesy na post na “kung acer ferrari ka, di ka na makakauwi iba-bag na kita”. pang-valentine.sweet.

Awesome contest! I had lots of fun looking at the entries, there were a lot of great entries but I must say I liked those which are neatly done. I particularly love that one with the Ferrari men working on the Acer one. =D

Can’t wait to know who won! Good luck to everyone!

@jomar yung sayo! Trip ko! Haha. Yung kay bossing yung trip ko, Dahon or the one yata title, basta may nakita ako jan. Hehe.

@NemOry: Ari ka man lang di sa Iloilo aw? =) Looking forward for that time though. Hope it’d be soon.

hi sir! wrong spelling w/ my experience!! hope for your kind considiration…. thanx much po

@jared, wla ko da. . Sng jan 14 ko da nka go puli dsun pag gab.e haha. . .ma ayo lang da nga dinagyang a.haha

@NemOry: Ahh..hehe. Oks ah.. Kapuy pagd ko gni..haha. Daw ga.head bang lng ko d sa ofis ke ga.tumba-tumba ulo ko sa tuyo. =) T cge ah, imo man halong gd pirmi. Pirdi gni bola-bola subong kg padhidaet..hehe.

@Jomar yung kay rubert yata ayun, nakita ko kagabi. Natatawa ako. Hehe. Kwela mga entries.

@NemOry: Bola2x kg Paghidaet ang mga bigatin nga tribes nga pirmi gada.og sa competition kg gna compete sa Aliwan. Pro gapun wala gd sila sa Pan.ay ah..hehe. Tribu Pan.ay ng.daug ti sila naman na dal.on sa Aliwan. Pirdi man gni friend ko nga ng.choreograph sa tribu sang Jaro(Salognon)..hehe. Wala man ko ng.langtaw ka ASAP ke ma.init..hehe. Mga banda lang gn.tan-aw ko ke gb.i nku galagaw. And yes working nku, kaw ya aw?

nakita ko na yung 2nd entry ko… nagkaproblem ang time kaya naging 1999 ang year. nasa first page ng comments..

dun din niyo makikita kung nawawala din ang ibang entries niyo… 😀

1st yr plang q ya @jared, grbi nug0n migu mu ba atleast nka j0in a. .wla q my da b sa il02x mga tribu2x. . .hehe, ,maskara lg d amun.hehe

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