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2010 Honda City: Thoughts after the first 1,000 km check up

Some of you may have heard about the unfortunate “Almost Tubbataha” ordeal which I went through together with several other diver friends last month. I came home with a broken vacation, low spirits, and the nervousness of not having our money reimbursed. This all pulled through of course, but that’s not the point of this post.

I came home very frustrated so I called Honda and pushed them to try their very best to deliver a 2010 Honda City which I had been processing since about two months ago, with the help of Hotwire guru Mitch Genato. They pulled through. I would have expected the car when I had gotten back from my dive trip, but I thank Honda for lifting my spirits, even for a bit, with an early delivery.

Initially I was thinking of getting a Toyota Vios, but the timing of the recalls, reinforced by Mitch’s advice convinced me to get a Honda. My first Honda (my first car, really, with my own hard earned money). In our family, we have a history of Toyota loyalty and a Mazda MPV somewhere there. If I had waited longer, the Ford Fiesta would have been a good choice as well. Had I the money, the up and coming Mazda 6 would also have been a great choice (geeky remote door locks without having to push a button and headlights that turn to follow the curve). I’m not really a car guy — but the geeky appeal of the Mazda 6 is too hard to resist.

Alas, I had neither leisure time nor money to spend so I “settled” (settled is a bad choice of word) for the 2010 Honda City.

It’s beautiful. It’s autobot front grill synchronizes macho and sexy into one menacing front. The trunk space is huge (it frikken’ fits this monster Core i7 rig that Intel lent me) and for the most affordable series (I got the cheapest version of the City, the “A” series with manual gear shift), it looks like Honda gave me more than what I was asking for. After my first drive, I had no regrets to foregoing the Vios. The 2010 City is elegant and edgy.

Compared to the new Civic that seems rather sporty, the City seems to have taken the place of the Civic’s reputation in form and shape from 3-4 years ago. Which is why Civic owners have complained about the “low end” City being the new flagship as there isn’t anything low end about it. Overall, the car drives smoothly, and unlike the Jazz or the Mazda 2, it presents a commanding view of the road with the driver’s seat elevated a bit higher than the passenger seats. I had thought this was the only thing that provided the illusion of being high, but after checking out other cars, the City really is taller. The commanding cockpit view, the smooth drive, the silent hum of the engine … all excellent.

Perhaps the most exciting thing it came with was an AUX port for any 3.5mm compatible player so this is where the iPod fits snuggly. And the potential for 5 cup holders. Hee.

I need to stress the trunk space. I can fit over 3 crates full of dive gear into this thing. I love the trunk. It’s like a small portable apartment without the mini bar.

I decided to write this “hands on” after reaching my first 1,000km mark (whoops I’m at 1,400 already!) Honda seems to be a very efficient and friendly customer service program. After having the car delivered, I received a call from Honda Cars Quezon City confirming if everything was OK. The car was delivered in great condition but there was an extra piece of spark plug on the left door handle. Well, no biggie. After my 1,000km check up, I also got a call from Honda asking how the service went. In between these, I got SMS surveys from them asking about the quality of the service. Neat. I feel loved.

2010 Honda City – PHP 680,000.00
I got mine on a 20% downpayment with 60 months to pay. Not really into the reselling of cars after 3 years. According to Honda Cars Quezon City I am eligible for a media discount and this can be processed as a refund even after my purchase. Cool.

The City is an ubiquitous car. With other such vehicles claiming edgy rides, luxury, or sporty feel, Honda released a car that can be a little bit of something for everybody. And that’s not to drown out what it is — an economical car that packs a punch and looks good on the road.

Any 2010 City owners here? I’d appreciate to hear more about the local auto industry … as it comes to no surprise to people that I’m not very adept with car reviews.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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Congrats on the new Honda City 🙂 Honda’s service has drastically improved over the years, but they’ve been pretty accommodating and helpful since way back in the day. We’ve been loyal Honda customers since the first batch of Honda Civic hatchbacks were released in the country and we’ve stuck it out with them through the years primarily because of how well their cars are packaged, and efficient fuel consumption 🙂

i’m on the waiting list for my taffeta white 1.5E honda city due for arrival on the 3rd week of may 2010…. an tagal dumating hayyyyyyy

thanks for this. i’m currently on the fence between vios and city. your review has finally helped me decide to go for the city.

hi. i purchased my city 1.5E (habanero red, no less, girlalu kc ako)august of 2009. magoone year anniv na pala kami. ok na ok naman ang cityE ko. tulo laway ng mga kamag-anak ko. tulo laway din pati s ofc. ginaya nga ako ng iba eh. hehe. at least ako pa rin ang orig. at di afford ng iba ang 1.5. hehe.

ok tlga siya. hataw kung hataw. hindi ka mahuhuli. lalo n kung a/t, effortless ang driving. ganda ng front view, kitang-kita ng driver ang harap. (hirap ako s lancer s gnito) ok lng s gas. full tank per week ako. mga around 350 kms din per week.

ang ayoko lng sumasayad ung mud guard (pinakabitan ko kc ksabay ng door/window visor). dun lng ako naiinis. other than that. ok na ok na ok siya.

sna mga 2015 n mpalitan ang design hehe. namnamin muna ntin.

Hi! Thanks sooooo much!! Tomorrow for delivery na honda city (1.5 AT habanero red) ko. Medyo may regrets pa ko kase i was thinking maybe Toyota altis 1.6 is a better choice until I read your complete review. Do you think, need pa magpalagay ng mud guard? Or ok na din wala… yun na lang worry ko. thanks.

first of all, congratulations! as for your question, well it’s really up to you — the only accessory i have is a car alarm. right now i’m at 10,000km and the car is performing splendid. =) do keep in touch!

hi william evans.. bro question lang if pang 1.5E lang ba ang taffeta white? coz im planning to get a 1.3S a/t this november and i want the taffeta white. thanks bro!

60 months to pay? O__O.. madadagdag sa 680k price is around 300k+ right? O__O So total na mababayaran mo after 5 years is almost 1 million O_O waaaaaaaaaaah!

Ewan ko if tama yung calculation ko. Hehe. 😀

I’m planning to get one soon, kaso di ko kaya yung 5 years. ^_^ hehehe.. mas ok cguro cash para may 100k+ discount. ^____^ Ipon muna. 🙂

just got mine last friday 1.5E polished metal, honda libis, well sya ung first car ko n talagang akin sa pawis ko nangaling!! and i am very satisfied wala ako regrets im rli proud of it sa looks sa performance panalo compared to vios paddle shift pa!! kaya lang wala lighter!!! un lang!!!

@ jayvee sadly wala sya kasama alarm, the expirience of driving with this car is phenomenal responsive ung engine specialy kpag nkasport mode ramdam mo ung rev!!! stable pa sya on higher speeds!! planning to install a carbon intake shimota!! un lang ok na!! ano variant sayo?

I just bought my honda city 1.5 last July and so far I do not have any complain regarding the performance and their service as well. I have no regret for choosing Honda city instead of toyota vios…

I’m torn between Vios and City, but after reading your review, I’m now rooting for Honda City, probably the S model M/T 1.3. I have a question though, how much is your monthly amortization if you paid 20% for the downpayment? For that A model.. TIA

I was torn between Vios and City, but after reading your review, I’m now rooting for Honda City, probably the S model M/T 1.3. I have a question though, how much is your monthly amortization if you paid 20% for the downpayment? For that A model.. TIA

Hi Jayvee,

I need to thank you for sharing your review. I’ve been torn between Toyota Altis 1.6 G a/t and Honda City 1.5 E since i started considering buying my first ever car (yes, also from my hard-earned money). Well i could afford to get the Altis also over 60 months, but I will need to wait at least till February to pull my funds together for the total initial cash out. My auto loan application has just been approved and i don’t think i can wait till February to get my hands on my own new car. Honestly, i thought choosing the Honda City over my other choice is settling for less just to finally scratch the itch. But after reading your review of the Honda City, along the others I’ve gone through, I think I’m also going for it.

got mine last december 2009. very much happy with it. nice ride, good looks. feature wise very much competetive.

i think the secret is in the fuel. i fill it up with premium. before i used unleaded and i averaged 12-13km/l. also, i often let it reach to 2K rpm before shifting during start ups. my highest mileage was 17km/l when i went to the province.

that must explain it. i use unleaded kasi. as for car clubs, not really. honestly not much of a car guy. the city is the first car i bought out of my own pockets. thinking of joining one but really not sure if i’ll fit in.

well, there’s no harm in trying, di ba? in case you’re intrested. “” super friendly guys where no one’s treated like a stranger. you can share ideas about your honda cities and believe you me, you’ll learn more than you can share. 🙂

gud day.. plan ko din nung una vios pero sabi nila mas ok daw honda. bili kami this week. ask ko lang if mababa daw at madaling sumayad sa humps? 5 kmi sa family wala nman tabachoy. un lang salamat!

I am planning to buy 1.3S At. Maganda ba gumamit ng AT, nasanay kasi me sa Manual e. Can you provide me the difference between the two? Which is better, Honda City or Chevrolet Cruze?

Hi peepzz… im also planning to get one as I was really craving for it since… any idea of the tools included or other free stuff they give upon purchase? for me I’m to honda too due to its durability from engine up to its frame.. thanks!

We’re almost at the same predicament…but thanks to your review, I can now decide, Honda City Over Vios! It will be my first car with my hard earned money, so I’m hoping to have the best for what it’s worth. Cheers!

Hello! I plan to buy 2011 Honda City (HC) 1.3S A/T next month after I sold my old Honda Civic. But I was little bit worried when I read from other blog site that the gas tank is under the front driver/passenger seat. Is it dangerous? I am not sure if this is true. Actually, this is only my hindrance in choosing the HC.

Lastly, hope somebody can provide list of freebies during purchase so that I could consider them.

hi there,

I wonder how much media discount did they give you? I bought Honda City about 2 years ago. I share the same idea that Honda is much better than the Vios, especially if your also consider high “re-sale” value.

btw, the paint on my hood had some “small bubbles” which I noticed just today. do you have an idea if such is covered by warranty? (I’ve been looking for blogs re possible paint warranties if ever they have, thats how I saw your blog) thanks.

Christina 🙂

the trail just made me felt fantastically happy and satisfied. Just gave my DP today for a 1.3 S MT, 1 week daw, but after a couple of hours already felt like a week! craving to have my city already and experience the satisfaction you guys had already. super nag doubt kasi ako after reading the vios vs city blog, pero doesn’t matter.

Hi raja tup. MT is available on A and S variant.
I suggest S variant if you want manual transsmission. It has
-dual airbags
-keyless entry
-5 spoke mags
-new look stereo
This features is not available in 1.3a.
HC 1.3a unit price (691,000)
HC 1.3s unit price (731,000)

Wow! Just stumbled into this blog. I think I’m the only one here who has a 1.3 S A/T unless I haven’t read carefully. Anyway I got a habanero red 2010 city last December. Never really got to know my car like you do. Next preventive check up is december and should be at 20,000km but up to this point it’s still about 4,000km. 🙂

Hi Jayvee… Thanks for creating this blog… It helped me analyze and decide which brand of cars is best for us to buy next… I am a chevy and mitsubishi car user and my first time to get a honda car, 1.3 S M/T 2009 model which was bought 2nd hand (slightly used, 28K mileage) few days ago… reading your and friends posts/comments made me feel that we made the right and best choice so far…

So far madami na akong nabasang good and bad comments with regards to Honda City 1.5 model 2010, I’m planning to purchase one but still something knocking me out and comes into conclusion that ask anyone or if someone can tell me to proceed on my plan…


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