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UPDATED Hands On: Nokia XpressMusic 5530 retails for 200 Euros (PHP 13,000)


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Hands On

I’d feel bad for you if you recently bought a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone. Today, Nokia launched the 5530 XpressMusic phone, the cheapest touch screen music phone in their entire roster, which retails for about 200 EU. Holy cow, that’s just about, or less than, P13,000 if I’m not mistaken.

The complete hands on after the break.

What makes it so cheap? Well for one thing, though it retains WLAN connectivity, the 5530 did forgo the 3G chip and goes by 2G connectivity. And we’re fine with that. During the panel interview, Nokia did admit that they still see 3G as emerging in some countries, and it isn’t as big of a deal than other neat features like music, a touch screen and all out style.


Some of you (hello ladies!) might want to take note that although it isn’t a limited edition color, the pink version of the 5530 XpressMusic comes with a special design on the back plate that is not available with the other colors. The photo above shows it all. This isn’t a limited edition offering. It is really part of the line up.


Above are the 5530 and 5800 respectively. Here are more photo comparisons (special thanks to my hand model, Mr. William Hamilton-Whyte, Nokia Philippines Country Manager):


The 5530 comes with 4GB of memory expansion, which can be bumped up to 16GB. it has a 2.9 inch screen with a resolution of 640 x 360 and works fine on direct sunlight. Unlike the 5800 that still had front face hardware buttons, the 5530 did leave this out for a total virtual keypad experience. There are still dedicated buttons for calls and the main menu, but like I said, they are virtual keys, allowing for a full touch screen experience.



Another big difference is the addition of 20 contacts which you can follow in the Context Bar. The old 5800 allowed for 4 contacts which you can monitor via SMS, calls, feeds, etc. The same applies here, but it has been bumped up to 20 contacts, allowing you to keep track of calls made, received, SMS, as well as RSS feeds of their blogs and social networks. Cool beans!



All in all, the 5530 is going to be a sure hit in the Philippines because of its price is slightly smaller than the 5800, and that is in fact, a good thing. How much lighter can you make it?? Just like the E71 and E72 upgrade, the 5530 brings forth similar portent to its predecessor by making the experience more affordable towards tech enthusiasts, style leaders and “young explorers.”

The 5530 XpressMusic phone does not have GPS. It does not have 3G. It comes with a stylus. It comes with a 3.2Mp camera with LED flash. In fact, here is a sample of camera quality, below. It will cost about 200 EU and will be shipping this July worldwide. Watch for it!


The full specs are here on PDF format:

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Data Sheet Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Data Sheet Jayvee

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By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

17 replies on “UPDATED Hands On: Nokia XpressMusic 5530 retails for 200 Euros (PHP 13,000)”

Wow! This will surely be a hit to Filipinos, especially that it’s a touch screen but does not cost so much. I agree that 3G is emerging in some countries, and I believe Philippines is one of those countries. I have 3G with my 1-year old phone, but I’ve only used it twice.

Does its touch screen and response feel like the one in 5800? Is it fast in response? How many MP is its camera? Does it have flash? 🙂 I do hope you can have an entry where you compare specs, prices of available touch screen phones today. 🙂

hi glenn,

answered your questions via an update to the post 🙂

3.2MP camera, LEd flash and yes it is pretty fast! will post a video that shows the scrolling feature of the contact list.

what’s in it thats not in the 5800? I honestly don’t know which one to buy. Does it have internet as well? please answer. THANK YOU! :))

hi mish,

the 5530 is smaller and it also has wifi. what it doesn’t have, if im not mistaken are the maps / gps function and 3G. but in the philippine setting, thats OK since were more of a wifi country.

thanks for the fast response jayvee! 🙂 appreciated. You think it’s available at greece? my dads there. And He promised me to buy the N5800 (which what I first asked for, before you answered my question. 😛 ) If he could find it there. I guess I would be shifting to the 5530 then. THANK YOU.

will it be shipped out first week of july??is it gonna be this july.coz some says that it’ll be out by sept?

I helped my friend get this phone today. It really very stylish specially the one with the chrome front. It is REALLY SLOW and the camera is just not that good like my N82 but its acceptable. I’m not used with touch screens so I really did not like it.

Hi. I’d like to get the 5530 but I do want to check out the features first. Which Nokia branch shall I go to if I want to see first a demo unit (a unit that really works and not just only on display)? Thanks

i have 5530 not bad phone.normal can use.but camera in video make zoom.and not expansive.

One big difference i found between nokia 5530 and 5800 is that there’s no built in GPS feature and 3g capability on 5530. you can purchase a separate gps module LD-4W. I love the music feature on both phone, but the default kinetics on the 5530 is the best. very smooth fast touch screen scroll during search. and STILL it can still be improved by doing a software update. 5530 is the best!

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