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Limited Edition Manny Pacquiao Nike Apparel


EDIT: Here’s an updated release of the Pacquiao vs Cotto Trainer 1 shoes!

Wow! I’d like to thank Miles for sending these photos over — the new Manny Pacquiao apparel look really remarkable! The Nike Trainer 1 shoes above will be sold in limited stock with only 49 pairs at P5,209.00. If you’re around town for the long weekend, Nike will be selling these limited edition shoes and tops in their flagship store at Bonifacio High Street on May 2 and 3 starting 12 noon. Party at mag:net after.

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Not sure if I’d go for the shoes — too expensive, plus I already have two pairs of Nike+ running shoes (the ones that have a slot for a Built for iPod accelerometer). The shirt and windrunner trainers look fantastic though. Cool.

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By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

72 replies on “Limited Edition Manny Pacquiao Nike Apparel”

Bakit naman jologs? You should have been proud that a filipino made it this far. that a line of apparel was designed just for him. It doesnt matter if it is expensive of cheap. there is no jologs about wearing this with your head up high and representing!

Binebenta sa Bonifacio High Street, jologs? Agree ba kayo dun guys? Kung meron kayong mga old MP apparel just reply to this thread pwede nating pag kakitaan ang JOLOGS n sinasabi nitong si Jehzeel Laurente na mukha namang tae.

Jehzeel, i got several Team Pacquiao shirts for my relatives abroad who are mighty proud that someone got a LIMITED EDITION clothing line from a GLOBAL BRAND. I even got one myself. Heck, even my cousin who’s a die-hard manny fan and proud filipino, is coming home on may 2 just to buy the shoes and clothes.

So go screw yourself. Manny is the biggest Filipino out there.

fu$# who screw up manny…………….. manny for pres……
rizal is great filipino, manny is great ikaw ba jehzeel laurente great? screw off your fu%^$%^$% shit, fu@# your mind!
fu@# you!!!!!!!!!!

I dont know what you idiots are talking about jologs these items are the blaze…im a pinoy from another country and im proud to rep my boy. and my country.

I think your jologs for thinking this is jologs u idiot.


jehzeel your a fucking jologs. im looking at your photo now and you look like a fucking poser….lucky im here man I cannot believe your calling these clothes jologs it has your country’s flag there mate, and the sun….

jologs ka jan, fucking poser.

jehzeel you fucking fag….

il kick the sh*t out of you when i come there… may 22 aryt

dont ever talk shit about your own country and any merchandise that represents it, these are collectibles they are worth more than your puny life you sack of shit, man you are getting me so worked up you fucking idiot…..!!!

jehzeel im never gonna stop ripping into your ugly fucking ass you sack of shit…

your jologs look at you acting on that photo thinking your a fucking hero…

you look like a toad you faggot.

@mod, hi there. i think you have made your point. thanks for dropping by though.

on another note, the items will be available over this long weekend with a culminating parteh at mag:net. 🙂

— jayvee

we should be proud that nike recognizes one of our heroes(manny pacquiao).

Hoy Jehzeel…Di talaga bagay sa jologs ang Nike. Don’t ever dream of wearing them, you’re just going to ruin the brand. Potah ka!!!

oi jehzeel gagalisin ka lang dyan pag sinuot mo yan!!!! ikaw ang jologs.. unggoy!

hehehe… daming galit. Di ko naman nilait yung brand ng nike at si Manny, idol ko nga si Manny eh 😀 Jologs lang pag nagsuot ako nyan kasi hindi bagay sa akin. Kaya jologs. 😛

The shoes are now selling in Ebay from 50,000 to 80,000 pesos!!! WOW ito ba ang Jologs??? Im proud I have 1 of the 49 pairs sold in Highstreet, Pumila ako 6pm friday night it was released saturday 12:00 noon. Worth it naman!!!

Hi, and greatings to the best boxer how have ever lived on this planet!
I’m a norwegian looking for the “Paquiao Pride WindRunner Jacket”, but can’t buy it anywhere online. Can anybody help me?? Pls.
Mail me at larsr.folkestad at gmail dot com for help…..

Im back for you jahzeel, but first off, id like to say thanks for the heads up jayvee, unfortunately i cannot make it there kase i arrive sa bansa on the 22nd of may, I tried to get a friend to check out mag:net but apparently anghaba daw ng lines and nasold out, so i missed out, i am very dissapointed about this as in talaga, which is why im back on here to rip into this jehzeel faggot.

thanks again jayvee, and thanks to all those here na proud filipinos.

as for you jehzeel you faggot, go eat a dick and die slowly…. caz your a fucking poser. did you watch the hitman demolition mate? do you know how much money he made that fight you sack of shit? jologs ka talaga ulol gago.

Tanong ko lang po kung saan makakabili nung Tshirt na may Design na letters na MP? Kasi ung friend ng cousin ko eh uuwi dito sa pinas from US. Nagtatanong kung saan sya makakabili nun. Sa lahat kaya ng SM na may Nike store eh available po un? Saka nasa magkano po kaya ung price? Thanks po sa magrereply….

..ranier,meron sa mga sm malls..ang alam ko na avialable nlang dun team pacquiao na me agila sa likod,tga san kb? sa ebay npakaraming mo pacquiao shirts..meron nko lahat nun,he,he..welcome to pacland!!

Sir dennis, Ung friend po ng cousin ko sa US uuwi kasi dito sa pinas gusto nya bumili nung may initial na MP. Sa makati yata sya mag stay. Ako taga Bulacan po. Sige try ko sabihin sa pinsan ko para masabi nya sa friend nya. Kasi dami daw mga pinoy sila nakita na naka suot ng Tshirt n may Initial na MP nung laban ni Pacquiao laban kay hatton. Dami daw pinoy dun gusto bumili kaso wala nga avilable dun sa ebay lang yata meron…

uy, question din, naghahanap din ako ng original merchandise na Francis M. ung mga producto nya, t-shirts, hats etc etc, wala kase dito nun eh, and madame dame na ding peke, along the track me nagsabe sakin na I can only get it from the TV station daw, pero I was wondering if all you other pinoys know another place, in manila that I can get it from, yung orig na Francis M.

i know its totally unrelated ke PacMan, pero bakasakali diba?

Salamat mga tol.


the word “JOLOGS” is gay/homo/faggot terminology!…kya stop using this word!…bakya ka jehzeel you’re not supposed to be in this website, mag frndster ka nalang.. nxt time alamin mo muna kung nsaan website ka b4 you leave a BAKYA message like yours…
this is a prestige/matured/intelligent website..

the word “JOLOGS” is gay/homo/faggot terminology!…kya stop using this word!…bakya ka jehzeel you’re not supposed to be in this website, mag frndster ka nalang.. nxt time alamin mo muna kung nsaan website ka b4 you leave a BAKYA message like yours…
this is a prestige/matured/intelligent website..
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

where can i buy a pacquiao jacket me and my wife are a very big pacman fan….hatton is the real bullocks he nearly died……

anong Jologs gago ka ba? ako nga binili ko pa yun sa kasamahan ko for 30K para sa nike collections ko.. tapos jologs siraulo kaba? pesteng yawa.

@jehzeel gay faggot – bat galit na galit ka? sinabi ko lang ang gusto kong sabihin. at hindi ko nilalait si pacquiao or ang nike, sabi ko lang jologs ako pag nag suot ako nyan.. tsk tsk tsk… (doh)

I love the shoes! Maroon and Gold works for me! But it’s kinda beyond my budget and it’s freaking 50k – 80k already? I should have bought one and sell it haha.. I like the maroon jacket too… this thread is a pretty heavy one… chill all, peace and love yah ^_^

woot ayos yung mga shirts and jackets ahahah ang ganda 😀 kaso ang mahal lol! anyway worth it naman :)…. woot! chillax lng everyone 😀

@fritz – LOLzzzzzz! 😛
@helga – oo bagay na bagay yan sayo.. pero wala ata pang girls na pacquiao shirts.. woooot! jacket nalang ^_^
@hannah – ang saya dito no? 😛
@carlo – oo nga eh (plakkk)
@j.ibanez – super epic fail talaga waaaaaaaaa!
@dRei – hehehe..

Jehz, you’re my friend and always will be. Even though, occasionally, you make a fool of yourself. If only these people who’re lambasting you knew the real you, they’d think twice before making an even bigger fool of themselves.$

wala k lang pambili kya cnv m n jolog pg sinuot m un.. mrmi ang ngkkandarapa para mkakuha lng ng gear ni pacman…

pinilahan p s amerika yun mga apparel ni pacman 1 day b4 ibenta pra sure lng cla n mkakuha.. wag k nlng po magkocomment pra wala kng mkaaway..

sinong ba ang nagsabi na pang jo-logs ang pacman shoes? Naghahanap nga ako kung saan mabibili ito size 8 1/2. Mas maganda pa sa nike air Jordan. I would be very proud wearing it here in the States. Pinoy mabuhay ka! Wag mag utak talangka Yo!

hoy kung sa utak mo jologs ka wag mo na lng ipost dito….utak talangka!!! kung wala kang masabi na maganda wag ka magpapansin! wala ka lng pera pambili nito kaya magpakajologs ka nlng talaga!bwisit!

jehzeel, a lot of filipinos here and abroad are becoming more nationalistic nowadays…they sooo love being pinoy and even pinoy stuffs like this. aren’t you happy and proud to be PINOY? if you are not…just keep your mouth shut for you are just one big trash here OK?!!

Im eugene 21 yrs old.. I love pacman too much… I watched all pacman videos sa youtube again and again at hndi ako ngsasawa.. I dream someday i can watch his fight live sa US.. But im poor para mangyari yun kaya ngtsatsaga nalang ako sa maliit na tvtmapanood ko lang laban tapos dami commerial.. Jejeje maswerte kau at napapanood nyo ng live.. Kaya wg nyo laitin ung product kc maraming mahihirap na ngangarap ng ganyan para kay Mp.. I luv Mp thats it

i love these items! hindi sya jologs! im currently looking for some kaso mukang sold out na!

one of those wherein your proud to be pinoy!

time to change you mind man! kung jologs yan bakit kukunin ng nike si manny para maging endorser nila? nasa pag iisip lang ng tao ang pagiging jologs dahil di mo maapreciate ang naabot ng kapwa mo. inggit ang tawag dyan.

astig ung shoes ni pacman ngaun, ganda ng combination ng kulay. wow ung logo nung tshirt. WOW!!! NIKE!! hahaha.. your the best pacman.

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