Motorola’s 2008 mobile phone new lineup

Written by Jayvee Fernandez

Sneak Peek at Motorola

EDIT Nov 13 2008: Just heard today from a few local Motorola employees that Motorola Philippines is closing shop for good. Issues such as after sales support, etc are still up in the air.

Dispelling rumors that they are leaving the mobile phone industry, Motorola shows off their new lineup of mobile phones for 2008. I was with Mari Litonjua of Motorola last week for a press lunch as he showed off an excellent lineup of phones for the different market segments:

The W230 is the world’s cheapest MP3 phone at a mere PHP 2,490.00 without a post-paid plan

The ROKR E8 is the next-generation music player phone that comes with new technologies such as Song ID, ModeShift, and FastScroll.

The Motorola Q 9h is the follow up to the first Q, an enterprise-greared Windows Mobile phone that sports BlackBerry connectivity.

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