Delifrance now serves alcohol … in their coffee

Written by Jayvee Fernandez

Bim from the Man Blog

Bim from The Man Blog gets a caffeine rush, then gets wasted at Deli France. Bim gives us a thumbs up!

When asked by a Delifrance barista for the PASSWORD, say “Naughty with my coffee” and you get a cup of spiked coffee for free.

Get ready on March 3-7 from 5-7 PM. For dine in only.

In the same way the Greenwich is now selling coffee and dessert, the Jollibee group is now doing the same thing with Delifrance by refurbishing some key branches into coffee shops. The kicker is that they are now serving spiked coffee after 5 PM (Could Jollibee itself be next?).

What an excellent marketing strategy. We’ve got an excess of coffee shops in the metro, but coffee shops that spike their drinks? Nada. I’m sure that other shops will follow suit. The Spiked After 5 campaign aims to communicate this message to people who wish to unwind after a long day with coffee and alcohol in one. Delifrance is also one of the few restaurants that does not serve rice meals so it is another good way of attracting health buffs.

We have some photos of the event c/o Phoebe.

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