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So yeah, the iPhone works with the Globe, SUN and SMART


Image taken from PhilMUG forums as posted by member dubeditions

Huge ruckus over at PhilMUG lately. And for good reason too. The iPhone has been officially hacked. It can work with Globe Telecom, SUN Cellular and SMART. Read the PhilMUG forums for details on how this was done using a supersim / turbosim. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose. Either that, or wait a few months for its official debut in the Philippines.

danieldy: If you read closely, the original poster mentioned supersim. This means he is claiming to use methods (recently posted around the internet) which involve writing data onto a blank “supersim” sim card to unlock the iPhone’s full network capabilities.

Another word of warning: the procedure is not as simple as it sounds. You will need to secure a Comp128 v1 card which is very rare and not openly available in the Philippines.

More quotes:

This whole thing is not as simple as it sounds. The guy hasn’t slept a wink for a couple of days now. I commend him for this feat, but just to make things clear, the solution is not ready for prime time yet.

For me to be able to make local, non-roaming phone calls on my iPhone, I’ll need to find a v.1 SIM that is still active (i.e. registered and functioning with the carrier). v.1 SIMs are the old generation cards, the kind that can hold up to 100 contacts only. That kind of SIM is not as secure as the newer ones, hence the ability to be hacked. dubeditions has tried on almost every kind of SIM card, and is still trying others.

By Jayvee Fernandez

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this time its different since hardware unlock is possible – you can now use any simcard without the cloning process.

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