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Between the Writer and the Editor …

Kate Alvarez was with me last week and we talked about how she was hanging upon the lips of Doreen Fernandez (may she rest in peace) back when she used to teach creative writing at the Ateneo. According to Kate, the most famous and well loved food writer in the Philippines helped her find her voice as a writer.

It is the duty of the editor to make sure that the five C’s in the publication are met: to make the article clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent. It is also the job of the editor to ensure that the in-house style sheet elements are present in the final copy. Apart from these, the editor should be able to maintain the 5 C’s without removing the voice of the writer.

Now I hope you agree with my statement that the editor is ALSO the personification of the publication he or she works for. This means that is is part of the job description to make sure that the articles published are in keeping with the vision, niche and segment

Here’s my question: What happens then when an editor encounters an article that was submitted by a writer that clearly goes against the mission statement of the magazine? The recent hubbub of Malu Fernandez in a People Asia Magazine travel article is an example of this. I’m sure there are other Malu Fernandez wannabees out there but their frivolous comments have been prudently silenced edited out by their editors.

Malu Fernandez does have her .. unique quirks. But I feel more obliged to ask the staff of People Asia (or the Manila Standard) why they let an article like this pass through a magazine that has a clear vision of celebrating the beauty of Asia.

In this case, it is not about editing out a writer’s voice. This is about going off tangent with your magazine’s vision. The editorial staff is sure giving their sales team a hard time with this one.

P.S.Why did the editor allow a travel article on Greece when the magazine is clearly titled People ASIA? I don’t see the added value, really.

The family names of Malu Fernandez, Doreen Fernandez and …. err … Jayvee Fernandez all appear by coincidence. We are not related.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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And what a coincidence…two Fernandezes being embroiled in two separate blogosphere brouhaha. Just kidding!

I love Doreen Fernandez (I could even taste what she writes about!).

I loathe Malu Fernandez.

“But I feel more obliged to ask the staff of People Asia (or the Manila Standard) why they let an article like this pass through a magazine that has a clear vision of celebrating the beauty of Asia.”

Hear, hear. My main motivation for joining in the outpouring of outrage against Malu Fernandez is not in the hopes of eliciting remorse from her (which is mission impossible anyway, given her the incredibly high levels of her snobbery), but to draw the attention of her editors/publishers at People Asia and the Manila Standard. If we can’t prick her non-existent conscience, let’s at least try to deprive her of venues to air her odious, offensive views.

Of all those who have commented on this Malu issue ,you have the most civilized and most mature approach to it.

Yes, articles are supposed to be screened by editors…when I was still at the Philippine Collegian …the sectio editors job is to look at all angles of the readership of the paper and edit out portions of articles or totally dont allow it for printing.

Another thing,,,,the campaign of asking Malu to resign wont really hurt her…do you think she would mind? This is not her bread and butter..she comes from a rich family. I could just say she is mata pobre based on how she wrote the article or she might be a person who has inferiority complex but who am I to judge her.

This is clearly the papers mistake of allowing that article to go to print.

i agree. it is the publisher’s fault for allowing such distastefully written articles to go to print. they should have known better.

and i really don’t see anything great about her writing. it’s flat. considering that it’s a travel article, it doesn’t give you much of a picture of the places mentioned. it doesn’t spark your interest and make you want to travel. i get no knew knowledge or insights from reading it. it is lacking in coherence and a central idea that sort of brings everything together. i don’t think that type of writing is really worth printing. it deserves to be on a personal blog, at best.

but that’s just me.

As an OFW I demand an apology. I will boycott Asia People Magazine and Manila Standard and all those that advertise in those publication.

I will get copies of her article and bring it to the meeting of the Filipino Community.

Public apology is demanded nothing less is aceptable.

I just wish that bloggers don’t waste time on ridiculing her size and how ugly she is and just concentrate on pointing out the flaws in her article. Like what I’ve said in my own post about her, we should show her and the staff of People Asia Magazine that we’re not suicidal animals or deranged people shouting uncouth words during a street fight. We are rational people and we should handle this with decency and intelligence. Because if we don’t do so, we’re only giving her more reason to think that the middle class are not educated and cultured.

i dont think we have any control over that. i can understand why the people she hurt are bringing up personal attacks – its because malu also did the same to the OFW community.

my approach to this issue has to do more with the editorial guidelines of the publication.

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Coincidentally, all three Fernandez’s are all writers and both Malu and Jayvee have been controversial figures in month of August as well 🙂

hi there.

first time i’m commenting on your blog.

i chanced upon your entry after i published mine and we made the same point about the editor having the responsibility to screen work of writers like malu.

i think that editors should follow the saying that when in doubt, don’t. publish, that is. but then again, maybe her editor didn’t have any doubts about what she wrote.

Malu has made a lot of Filipinos unhappy by her very offensive and unacceptable article. Aside from her apology, she should make amends by writing appropriate and coherent stories about the sacrifices and great contributions of OFWs to our beloved country. Malu – please use God’s given talent in you by lifting up your fellow Filipinos. Thank you.

tao lang ta yo mga lol, she wants to exposed herself that she bought for the first time the expensive perfumed on earth in which she forget that pasalubong lang yan nang mga ofw sa jeddah na ngtrabaho bilang finance manager pag ng vacation ako i will handed her the most precious, para maminimize yung cholesterol nya….

i heard she works at Shopwise as a buyer of goods for sale. Ganyan din kaya siya manlait sa mga customer ng Shopwiae?

Wow, this Malu is really taking the heat! I have read her article and this is my two-cents’worth. She may be rich but she is the perfect example that wealth cannot buy class. What now comes to mind is the old saying: ang matsing balutin man sa ginto, matsing pa rin.

The article of Malou Fernandez is really demeaning for all OFWs. Am really surprised that she can write those acerbic (yes) but not witty articles. It is really disgusting. But for me I guess a public apology is enough and we should not be asking for the Publisher to sack her likewise we should just concentrate on the article that she wrote and not ridicule her of her size, being ugly and fat. Just think WWJD (What would Jesus Do) in such situation.

oops well i’m an OFW too and i’m very proud to tell the wholewide world that i am able to support my family circles and hire a kababayan maid who’s obviously more beautiful, more intelligent and more socialite than this daughter of shit! longlive philippines and a death sentence to this voracious creature named what was it…maloubha peranandez?

poor girl. i think she wanted to appear rich and “witty” at the expense of other people. she definitely went overboard. i wonder how she’ll be able to travel now? considering that filipinos pepper every hotel, airline, casino, high-end shops all over the globe? they’re practically waiting for her like lions in a den. yikes! i wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

Malou, I have a lot of friends whose surname is Fernandez none of which insults their fellow filipino the way you did. I am an OFW myself, I work abroad to earn good and clean money but what you’ve written not only insults us, OFWs but it’s a direct slap in our face. I know you are from a rich family with the way you are acting and obviously the way you look, you have a huge kitchen, but hey… that does not give you the privilege to step on someone else’s dignity or way of living. I work as an Engineer, and well I can tell you that I earn far more better than you do in writing columns for magazines and newspapers but I cannot see myself writing this crappy piece of shit not simply because I am and OFW myself but for god sake, I am and we are all human. Yes, it is your freedom to write what you want and speak on what ever language you would like but sure did you don’t have the fucking right to insult those people working on Duty Free Shop or those people on board of that same flight you’ve taken. I use AXE perfume, so what…! It does smells good and it does not makes me different from any other guy you know. Yes it is cheaper, but if you only knew how hard to earn money abroad, the experience everyone of us OFWs experience in working with other nationalities plus the fact that we are thousand miles away from our home and our families, I know you won’t write that column. Remember, if you would like to be respected, learn to respect, if you would like to be treated fairly, be human to treat others fairly. All men are created equal, yes probably you are awake when god spreads material blessings but I am glad you are as sleep when he showers the human raise with humanly attitudes and good looks. Now, I challenge you, when you look at the mirror to fix your piggy face try to think if you are far more blessed than those people working at Duty Free or those OFWs eager to return home or to their work to earn clean money or all of us OFWs working abroad not only for our families but to sustained our beloved country’s economy. I am sure I am far more blessed than you are, not because you’ve written that article, but it is simply God’s will.

Good point Jayvee! lol.

Thank you for raising another perspective in this issue. I’ll try to introduce this point tomorrow if Im given the chance.

“The family names of Malu Fernandez, Doreen Fernandez and …. err … Jayvee Fernandez all appear by coincidence. We are not related.”

–That really made me laugh.

May I suggest that writer like Malou Fernandez should think 10 times before writing what’s in her mind. If it is very offensive then don’t write the article. She must know the difference between POLITICALLY CORRECT and POLITICALLY INCORRECT. And one good source of politically correct tips and techniques is Dale Carnegie’s HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. It is an old book but still usable till the present times. Please read also books on Etiquette and Good Manners and Right Conduct by Emily Post.

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