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Holy cow, I knew this was possible, but highly improbable — that you can actually commercially survive with $500.00 worth of food in a year. Here in the Philippines, that’s roughly P100.00 a day excluding weekends.

What you get in each bucket of Emergency Food Supply:

Basic preparation will impact the probability of your family’s survival in an emergency. Delicious and Easy to Prepare. Each bucket contains 275 servings of Pre-mixed and Pre-seasoned 100 % Vegetarian and Vitamin Fortified food for you and your family. With a 20 year long shelf life, this kit is perfect for the preparation of natural disasters such as hurricane, tornado, earthquakes or even a camping/hunting trip.

* 30 Servings – Potato Bakon (Note the “k.”)
* 25 Servings – Corn Chowder
* 25 Servings – Ala King
* 25 Servings – Cacciatore
* 25 Servings – Western Stew
* 45 Servings – Whey Milk
* 25 Servings – Blueberry Pancakes
* 25 Servings – Barley Vegetable

You can literally buy a handful of these tubs and stay in front of the computer for one whole year surviving with just $500.00. I actually found this entry after reading a bit on trimming down the clutter which eventually led me to this site.

Looks like carbo loading to me. Is this stuff even healthy? (Yeah, yeah, the tub is meant for emergency situations only … like for a nuclear fallout … ) Back here in the Philippines, I’ve seen less fortunate families of four survive with just one dollar per meal – for the entire family. But I don’t think I should draw the line of comparison there.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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You know there is a reason they call it emergency food supply and its usually the food of last resort. Still it must be better than eating one’shoe – provided its leather and not Crocs 🙂

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