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A ProBlogger to Run For Philippine Senate?

Yesterday I spent some time at the office with Dr. Martin Bautista of the Kapatiran Party. As one of those running for the 12 seats of senate, “Doc Martin” comes from a fresh non-political background as he is a doctor and an overseas Filipino who came back to do some good in this country. He had many interesting things to say in spite of him being labeled by some as a “Don Quixote chasing imaginary windmills.” From the combined perspective of being a doctor, a private citizen with no history in politics as well as an overseas Filipino for several years, he brings fresh meat on the table on the realm of politics, governance and where the Filipino should put priority to do damage control in helping resuscitate the nation.

In my newfound political peregrinations, I am invariably asked why I am fighting a lost cause. I always begin by asking them what’s lost because I certainly don’t see anything lost in my cause. And here’s the time they allude to a certain amount of pity that they feel for me, a sweaty and sunburned physician asking for their vote. I still haven’t paused long enough to think of a perfect response because I am treating this challenge the way I have conducted myself throughout my life. I am going to pour everything that I have into this very worthy cause. (source thanks to Lynne)

And then it hit me that “Doc Martin” could be anyone with a fresh perspective on things. Someone with an informed opinion, has a voice with the masses (the Doc gets asked for medical consultations during campaigns, plus he also looks like Lucky Manzano) and a clear vision of where he wants to bring the country, can run for senate. This is by the way a brazened statement as it can also be the primary reasoning for nuisance candidates to run.

So now its really interesting that a dedicated blogger-by-profession can actually meet these three points I mentioned earlier. I mean if Loren Legarda is a good example of how traditional media can penetrate the senate and do a good job what’s stopping a travel blogger to give a fresh take on tourism, or a technology blogger to file and review bills on the current state of Philippine technology?

I know, my idea is far off. But we do live in crazy times. If an actor can become senator, why not a blogger?

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

10 replies on “A ProBlogger to Run For Philippine Senate?”

it would be nice to have a blogger write about the senate and the inside outs of government. the problem here is that there is always the looming fear of getting a warrant of arrest. 🙂

I don’t see why a blogger can’t be a senator or an elected official. However, I think that will take place at the very least a decade from now. Our internet penetration is still so low that the massess don’t know much about this area. Only the few who are tech savvy can relate.

Unlike actors/sports celebs who are exposed to traditional media which reaches all 7,100 islands of this great nation, we bloggers are still relatively unheard off.

I think a blogger will be in a gov’t position only if blogging is a second profession. Similar to MLQ3. Blogging was just a recent addition to his arsenal.

juan hit it on the dot. Democracy is the will of the masses. The masses don’t know us. I’d say two decades before a blogger becomes president, but I’m a cynic like that.

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