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Are You Ashamed of Your Yahoo! Messenger ID?

I’m sure you can relate. Whenever I ask new acquaintances if they use Yahoo! Messenger (or any other IM that asks for a username), most of them give a grin and hesitate before disclosing that “hey I made this account when I was in college so pardon the name.” Usually these ID’s would consist of a very creative ADJECTIVE + NOUN + NUMBER combination such as “purpledragon8300” or “cutefairy1978” (I thought of these at random so any similarities to real life ID’s is purely coincidental). These ID’s which we formed back in high school and college really catch up with us when we start working and our boss asks us for our IM ID. It’s embarrassing. It’s mortifying.

It’s one of those things which people have to ask you over lunch at the office … as to why the VP of Sales has the userID ‘kissmebebe144.’

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

11 replies on “Are You Ashamed of Your Yahoo! Messenger ID?”

This often gets me into arguments with my contacts newly made and long-time. Every time we exchange e-mail adds or IM ids I ask what’s the story behind their name?

They immediately cringe and simply change the topic. I insist on knowing why, the insist on not telling. It’s becoming a vicious cycle for them. 😉

This is so true! I checked my YM contacts list and found some interesting IDs. And yeah, that conversation leading to an exchange of messenger ids is always fun!

I’m not too sure if this is true for everyone but some people who have ym ids such as the ones you mentioned actually just selected such from a list provided to them by yahoo! upon signing up (their first choice of an ID was already taken). And back in the days when the Internet was relatively new, most people just clicked on whatever they deemed was the most “sensible” option. LOL!

I can really relate to this one haha 🙂

I made this yahoo id way back in sophomore hs. i was a big cogie domingo fan then. I still use the id when I’m talking to my old contacts but still, a lot of people are buzzing me assuming that I am Cogie Domingo!

That is why I kept my “maliksing pagong”, “boy_loveless”, and “testosterone blue” in the shelves from encounters like this.

And similarly, I now understand why the General Manager of my previous company didn’t use his “Jackolytes” ID.

But I do have a friend who courageously sport “estrogen agitator” for both his business and pleasure YM correspondence. The guts.

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