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UPDATE: The links page is up and it is slowly growing. Leave a comment if you want to be a part of this project.

Today I had two interesting one on one sessions with a fellow blogger and my closest friend. On both occasions the topic of professional direction and personal direction were brought up, as a consequence to some reflections on recent accomplishments as well as mishaps. At the end of the day, I was left thinking about my own personal convictions – if I were to have one mission statement, or a phrase that would satisfy my the life choices, what would this be? I came up with mine – rather rediscovered or was reminded of what mine was by the virtue of some short quiet moments and “drive by” life coaching. My personal mission, or what I would like to call my personal apostolate is something very private and only really revealed to closest of friends. But I digress.

This got me thinking about how blogs are extensions, or manifestations rather of our own personal convictions. Thus, I’d like to ask you to sit back from your computer monitor and think about your personal BLOG CONVICTIONS. Why did I start this blog? How has this blog evolved through time? Am I still on track with my original vision?

And now for the clincher. This is actually a project I would like to start. If you notice, my new template does not have a blogroll listing. This was done on purpose when I first thought of the design as I wanted a separate page to appear on the navibar to display links to local and foreign blogs. Usually, a blogroll doesn’t do bloggers justice as it is merely reduced to a one column directory of blog authors or blog titles. I want to add some value to readers who skim through my list of blog links. I want bloggers to be able to tell their story in a few sentences, that will cause a reaction from readers with similar interests who share the same passion. There is a concept in Philosophy that states that the Good has a tendency to spread itself and attract. In the Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell calls this the maven mentality, where experts and enthusiasts tend to attract the same.

Here’s what I can do for you. If you want your blog to be listed, leave a comment here with your BLOG CONVICTION. Tell us a bit about your blog and why you set it up, and what is it that keeps you engaged writing for it. What is your mission, and what makes you identified with your niche. If you are still unsure of what your BLOG CONVICTION is, it would help to sit back for a while and think about it for a few minutes. I swear that this exercise will not hurt, and if anything, it will make you a better blogger in terms of focus and your growing enthusiasm.

If I play my cards right, I’m going to have a whole new page with the word PASSION written all over it.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

40 replies on “PROJECT: You Define Your Blog Conviction”

That’s an interesting comment bait ha 😀 Pero since we’re friends and I’d feel bad if I’m not in your blogroll… hehehe

You know my blog conviction… I think I told you that before my wedding. I set Kutitots up in honor of my grandma. It started as a simple journal, now it exists as a blog to entertain people—and let them see that even simple things can be interesting. Maybe that’s why people come back. I like talking about very ordinary things that people usually just ignore, but when it really comes down to it, there’s meaning in even the most “useless” thing.

So, how’s that? 😀

I first encountered a blog several years ago. A friend of mine invited me to one of those on-line blog communities. As I surveyed the terrain, so to speak, I was amazed at the plethora of blogs. This was interesting I said to myself. It was like having a soap-box on the web, you could say what you wanted, and it was all dependent on you. You could almost unhindered write whatever you wanted and you could present your ideas at little cost. It was a virtual Hyde Park and it was self-publishing at its most basic.

Baratillo is a second reincarnation of my first blog. A personal blog and a blog shoppe. Somewhere I can place my ideas and on the side sell stuff – books and other stuff. My idea for the blog was some sort of curiosity shop one can drop by and have a chat and exchange views with the owner. If there ever was a personal blog conviction for baratillo it was top put ideas and opinion forward, discuss it, and probably sell some stuff.

What drives one to do this? George Orwell was right when he discussed the following reasons why he wrote. They were (i)Ego , (ii)Aesthetic Enthusiasm [to point out things of interest and entertain], (ii)historical impulse [To report and record things], and political purpose [discuss and the desire to push the world into a certain direction].

Then one realize that one personal blog might not be enough for certain topics and niches. Gradually other personal blogs focused on different niches were born: for aquarium keeping; for food and fruit juices; for snapshots; and others.

A bit long winded. Sorry about that. But, thats it.

My personal conviction in three words: Learn. Educate. Serve. If it’s not too much too ask, can you email/or text me your “personal apostolate” or mission statement? I would really like to know it – What really drives you and your passion. I’ll keep it a secret =)

Blog Conviction: So far, is going in the right direction. Any “seed” planted in the heart of anybody who reads it is motivation enough for me. Even if I don’t touch someone today, I’ll still continue to blog – to reach one more for Him.

I can’t really say the same for Right now, it is not optimized to give good news. I hope I can find a partner to develop it soon. I am positive it will take off soon. – Share the Good News to everyone, to learn, live and love the Word daily, to reach one more for Jesus, to plant the seeds of faith, hope and love. – Highlight the good about the Philippines and the Filipinos, to provide optimistic and uplifting news and information, to serve as a guide to hopeful
living and having the right mental attitude. I blog and look at bright side of things and influence others to do so too; that each of us will become sources of affirming, positive and good news to all.

Like you, I believe that goodness attracts and spreads. And we are its medium.

I was against a personal blog because I didn’t want to talk too much about my family life . But I found the blog to be just another medium to promote my advocay. Basically, my blog is a platform for my advocacy, The Compassionate Friends ,a grief support group for bereaved mothers. Naturally, I would discuss parenting, family life, health, lifestyle and the new changes in my life. From the start, I already knew the purpose of my blog, my niche and I focused on promoting advocacy through my stories.

I started blogging because I wanted to write again. I wrote a lot back in college, but I stopped for 8 years. I just wanted to write for myself and possibly regain the creativity I lost in the past years.

I didn’t expect anyone to read my blog. I know it’s so me, me, me… but hey I’ve always been shy about my writings. And then people started telling me I inspire them and that I should continue to write. Oops! That’s when I realized I had readers!

So that’s basically it. I blog about living life to the fullest. Enjoying whatever comes my way. And hopefully, someone out there who bothers to read my blog gets inspired. 🙂

It all started with a personal blog. “Tongki’s World” is about living with people with special needs (Tongki is my son’s pet name, looking at ordinary things in an extraordinary way and motivating others.

Lifebridge is a group of professionals I belong to. We seek to spread God’s Word(, while excelling and being productive in one’s chosen field (bridging faith, life and work).

Marketplace 2.1 ( is the blog for the business we have set up. On this blog we also publish some of the articles we have written before.

On top of this I also have a day job. It’s hard enough to maintain one blog, let alone three. I really can use some advice on how you keep the ideas coming in. =) Some days I feel that nothing really impactful has happened, so there’s really nothing to write about.

I wrote about this several years ago when I started my weblog.

Basically, my weblog’s primary goal is to please my wildest desires. Most of the time, it’s just talking about the many things I’m passionate with, or the twist-and-turns of my occasionally colorful life. 😉

it used to be a folio [photos, graphics, written work], which is a nicer word for an online version of that box you dump all you important stuff in and keep hidden under your bed.

it has shriveled down to an online journal, where i indulge my compulsion to keep track of useless things [sites i like, clips that make me laugh, music i like, drawings ive made, thoughts, rants, etc…]

why is it still up after so many years? – well, there’s never really anyone to talk to when i need to discuss something. writing helps me keep what little sanity i have left.

my online journal is my sanctuary (yes, it’s odd that it’s mostly public and online) where i can really say what i think about persons places and things i dont like rather than just politely smiling.

[it’s missing a line. that actually ends with this line]

yes, im just one of the million lonely monkeys typing away, hoping to come up with the works of shakespeare.

Atheista was created to inform and remind people on the existence of Atheism in society and to also expose other individuals to the principles, beliefs and practices of one person who doesn’t believe in the existence of a supreme being. Though these pages would contain the inherent differences between people of faith and Atheists, the author hopes that this would open a dialog for both parties to realize that despite the obvious non-equivalence in paradigms, there are still more things that fall within the common ground.

The Atheist community in the Philippines is often maligned and ostracized and I just wanted to present an image for the rest of unenlightened and judgmental people in this predominantly christian nation. I want people to realize that in end, Atheists and believers in god are all individuals with their own autonomy and prerogative to make philosophical choices and assessments for themselves.

I know the domain name I chose may become a lightning rod of sorts, but hopefully, my bold choice would make me more accessible to other atheists in the remote corners of the Pinoy Blogosphere.

Thanks Jayvee.

my blog conviction is stated in my blog post, anyway, to reiterate, I blogged because I got envious and because I need a way to take out the stress because I get stressed out very easily. Writing really helps me relax nad retain my focus… 🙂

that it’s my passion, and i am a pro-blogger … NOT!

actually i am a 2 months old (irregular) blogger. ‘newbie’ as you may call it. but when i have seen the abounding potential in blogging, i want to try it myself. and my first blog project was a product of my T.A.E. method (trial and error) – i used – put the codes i like, scripts, tools, widgets, glitters, optimization and many other ‘ek-eks’, until i’m satisfied with my curiosity. But i almost forgot to fill it with quality contents which i am supposed to give to my readers, so i dropped it. 🙂

now i am blogging for free at i.Ph and my initial curiosity is now evolving, giving me a clearer picture of my (ano nga ba ulit ‘yun? … scrolled-up … ayun) “conviction”. (yeah!)

i guess i should post it first on my blog entry, which i plan to do tomorrow, which perhaps will be done on monday (i hope so). i want to compose my thought and emotions first before i can translate it in a nice “my conviction” entry, written in fewer words than i said it here.

(i hope i didn’t upset you of my wordiness, but this is my freestyle of writing.)

but to (*cut the crap*) answer briefly what is my conviction in my blog, it’s about one word, “SALVATION”.

“Sinag, Sinagiph” is my blog title, (which suggests the phrase “Ako’y Pinoy (i.Ph) na Nasinagan, at Sinagip”. and i’d like to lay all my basis to prove that little by little.

anyone can have all their prejudices against me (even you … hehe, peace bro) but i’m seriously honest about it.

well, that’s the raw of it. you better check my blog for the rest of “my conviction” post. 🙂

I want to have as many followers as you do… hopefully… well someday… lolz.. Seriously though, why do I blog? I guess the same reasons why we go to the movies or go out with friends to the mall… to have a good time and unwind after a grueling day. And my blog? That’s the one thing in the world I can be me.

Came here through Elber’s blog. 🙂

Interesting question. I never really though of it until now. I started my old blog, erin100 over at livejournal, as a way to keep in touch with my best friend while on a summer trip abroad. It evolved over time to a place to show some of my photography, my poetry and my thoughts on various sets of topics that interest me.

I’ve only changed my blog name seriously 3 times. and I’ve kept the same names. I used erin100 in blogspot last year. Closed that early this year and put up two blogs named unaselvaoscura, in livejournal again and in vox. Now the lj version is all that remains.

Despite all the location changes, one thing still remains. My blog is still a way for me to keep in touch with friends. I’ve used my blog to discover new friends. I’ve used it to update my old friends on my life. I’ve used my blogs to find long lost friends and reunited with them.

My blog is part of the threads I use to weave together my life with my friends.

I started blogging more than 3 months ago for a BIG reason – I wanted to promote financial literacy among our “kababayans.” My blog would be my own little response to the BIG and MASSIVE problem of poverty and financial struggle that we see everywhere. You might say that it is both an advocacy (the description under my blog title would explain its reason and purpose) and an experiment (I’m actually blogging in Tagalog). I have neither technical nor literary talent. I just feel I have something to impart.. something worth sharing with most Filipinos – especially those leaving their families for high-paying jobs abroad.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce and explain my blog.

My advocacy is GOOD CITIZENSHIP. This advocacy,however, will not be limited to the blog. Changing the mindset of Filipinos will not happen through blogs. The advocacy needs to be brought out there in the real world. I hope I can do it soon.

whew! finally i got to visit this one.. btw i’m barley blogging in a tag of dazedblu* over at blogspot.

honestly, i started blogging with a purpose to release my thoughts without telling it anyone, even the closest person i have.

marahil ganun ako ka-secretive, but with the fact that i published it to public, i don’t care… i’m not afraid to be criticized by these persons around me. in fact mas-natatakot akong magsalita sa harap nila.. i felt a tendecny na ma-missunderstood nila ako lalo.

so for me my conviction is to elaborate the feeling i’m hanging on! sabi nila make your life stress-free and i think eto yung paraan ko paraan para maka-iwas sa cheaptalks, and i could live my life in this way. it also happens wit my mood, sometimes i could get showbiz talks,while most of the time are very revealing and aggresive, a personality of mine na hindi halos kilala ng mga friends ko.

sometimes i hate what i’m doin’ pero i didn’t expect that for almost a couple of years eh natagalan ko siya. not because i don’t like it, but it’s difficult to maintain such one when you don’t have the tech in your hands.

well i just hope i could be more a responsible and more serious blogger too. as i would like to offer my thoughts without hiding any charatcer, mas gusto yun!

I created so that I could express to more people just how much I love my hometown, my Davao City. I thought that the weblog was the best medium for it, because of its viral quality, but also because blogging imparts the writer’s personality. So, is not merely copy: it is my personal thoughts and views. And by the very nature of blogs, my opinion is open to other people’s own take of the matter.

I came from K. Blogie’s blog… and he posted something about this.. and this sounds like a good project.

It makes sense actually, to maximize your life one has to define a purpose… just like blogs… to maximize it… one has to define his/her own conviction.

When I started blogging, I have no idea what it was really.. all I know is that i’ll be having some kind of online journal. I have a journal since I was in 6th grade and I love to write… inspired by authors i read.

Basically, my blog exists as my outlet for emotions, I can’t express to anyone around me. For things.. I want to remember. Then, it evolved.. now I want to share my experiences to fellow bloggera who might get a thing or two about loving life and living in abundance.

[…] entries along similar lines, and there could be possibly be more as the number of comments to Jayvee’s blog conviction question continues to draw in more people. Sasha asks “Do you know what is in you?” right after […]

Saw this link from Tina’s.

I’ve been hooked on the net for a long time now. I started blogging since I was 16 years young. 😛 I never really had any idea what to post at that age. My entries were mostly about pictures with captions on it *yeah, I should’ve just made a photo album right?*, and i posted about movies and songs i liked. After a few weeks, i stopped blogging. I found no reason to continue. But then, as I visited some blogs then, their posts were mature, insightful and very informative even for an online journal.

Since then, I’ve been motivated to vent out all inhibitions and emotions I have and at the same time give useful infos about techie stuffs or just about anything that helps. Kasi honestly, I’ve never had anyone to talk to about this things. Just your regular friend-problem-absorber. Time went on, I enjoyed writing about things I’ve noticed and learned lessons from. I met people who shared common interests and those I’ve been looking up to.

My blog is my therapist and gateway to share and learn from fellow bloggers.

Thanks dude for the heads-up.

Here’s “My Blog Conviction”. Hope you can consider it.


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TV Series
I am very much hooked into 24 TV Series; Grey’s Anatomy; Heroes, Smallville and One Tree Hill to name a few. I picked “24” to be on my download list because I believe that the show has earned it. “24” started it all and undeniably became a worldwide phenomenon. The show is currently filming its movie version to hit our theatres between Seasons 7 & 8 next year. The season has already ended, well for almost shows in the US which are part of “May Sweeps”. I love the show very much, everyone else on the show must be credited for a job well done. Though I believe that this is not the best season [Season 5 is the best for me], you can still see the magic that is “very 24”. Let us see what shows are coming up this mid-season before the Fall.

Since the day I was born, I am a frustrated singer. Don’t even try to invite me for a sleepover with matching videoke or else it’ll end up me, holding the microphone throughout the night. You wouldn’t even got a chance to sing your song. But seriously, I love singing. I love music. That’s my passion. Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5, Westlife, new comers Chris Daughtry and Chris Richardson are some of my favorites. I love how Jason Mraz do the word play. Each of them has their own unique way of connecting to you thru their song. So, Naruto Shippuuden is here for you to share the best album in town.

Random Thoughts
The bottomline here is that, I want to connect to my audience. Though indirectly, I want them to have a glance on what I have been doing lately, what’s eating me up, the drama of my life, and the sounds that I go with.

[…] This is my 100th blog entry and I think it is just but fitting to take on a blogging challenge as a celebration. This is a late reply to Lorelle’s blog challenge but I’m still taking up her challenge to describe blogging (better late than never??:) ). She cautioned bloggers, however, not to take the task lightly as she’s not only looking for a text book definition but a personal conviction of what blogging is. This challenge is almost similar to what Jayvee of abuggedlife has placed long ago–describe your blogging passion. […]

I blog to write and revel in sharing inanities I wouldn’t dare utter aloud. 🙂 Seriously though, it started out as an online journal for emo stuff and as a statement that I’m proud to be geeky. After a while though, it became an exercise in expressing and entertaining..

Now, I have blogs dedicated to: 1)opinions, 2)my travels, 3) photos, 4) my fiction exercises, 5) movies and 6) books.

Journeyist is a chronicle of my inner life seen through the curious, and sometimes inane, episodes of daily living. It is at once an attempt to retrace my steps on the quest for the proverbial one true path, as it is an affirmation of my resolve to walk the narrow path that leads to truth. Why, on earth, are we journeying from the cradle to the grave and on to the great unknown? This I ask myself daily… and everyday I get more convinced there is more to life than we could ever hope to see even with an open mind. Just imagine how much more helplessly ignorant are we in the face of inevitable death!

My little “crusade” is to get people to consider Faith as the only real and viable, albeit invisible, alternative to a lifestyle of doubts, fears and endless speculations. I do discuss politics, money, news and a host of other useless stuff but I try to write from the “invisible” point of view. It’s no surprise I don’t always succeed but I shall keep trying. Failure and folly are as much part of my journey too.

My blog conviction can be summed up by quoting what I wrote in my blog’s profile, below:

“A cyber critic of the dysfunctional governance in the Philippines dubbed as the pearl of the orient now ravaged by corruption and mismanagement. It is not the intention of the UROT errrr author (ok, wanna be author) to contribute to the growing apathy of a frustrated people but by pointing out the aberration may trigger a collective response to demand meaningfull change in the spirit of participatory democracy.”

It’s a new venue that offers an individual to express and interpret the world and hopefully in our own little way create a dent in making this world a better place to live in. An attempt miniscule as it maybe can act as a catalyst of hope when others share the same vision and act on it. Blogging for a meaningful change starting with the Philippines badly needing and long overdue change to benefit it’s citizenry just like the developing nations reaping the bounty of a transparent, accountable and responsible good governance.

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