mistaken identity?

A lot of people seem to mistake graduates from Woodrose and Southridge to automatically be members of Opus Dei. Even more so when you also chose UA&P as your college.

So I get asked that a lot, and I always reply that, no I’m not a member but I do know a lot about it since I’ve grown up in that environment – at home and in school.

So naturally when Da Vinci Code came out in its book-cum-movie iteration, people would ask me if it “offended my order”or what I thought of it. And I would always reply with no I haven’t read Da Vinci Code because I think Dan Brown is the perfect example of english gone wrong. And I would also say yes I’ve seen the movie because, why not? In fact I had planned – and suceeded to watch with what is now known as the “opus dei night out” composed of Rico, Nana and Aina – all from Woodrose and Southridge.

Here’s a link to a FAQ about the Opus Dei “order” as what people call it. First off, it isn’t an order. It’s what’s known as a “personal prelature.” And no, to reiterate, I’m not a member.

Other FAQS

What is Opus Dei’s stand on Da Vinci Code?
It’s here.

Are there such things as albino assassins?
Why do you think I learned Latin for four years? So I could talk on the cellphone and not be understood by the common man! Quo usque tandem Catilina patientia nostra? Quod erat demonstrandum; agricola poeta est!

See, I actually tried applying to albino assasin school but I was turned down because I was too pigmented. Thus, to meet the growing demand for albino assassins who aren’t albino, there’s a new group that opened called “the mulatto assassins” which is very prolific in the Philippines, Mexico and Spain.

Comedian Dave Barry makes a startling breakdown of Da Vinci Code into its basic plot elements.

Chapter four: “It’s a fiendishly clever code,” explained Desiree. “As you can see, the words say ‘White House White House Bo Bite House, Banana Fana Fo Fite House, Fe Fi Mo Mite House, White House.'”

“Yes,” said Hugh, frowning in bafflement, “But what can it possibly mean?”

“If I am correct,” said Desiree, “it is referring to . . . the White House!”

“My God!” said Hugh. “That’s where the president lives! Do you think . . .”

“Do I think what?” said Desiree.

“I don’t know,” said Hugh. “But we’re about to find out.”

So what did I think of the movie? Well, I have a thing for great actors so it was really distracting that Forrest Gump met up with Doctor Octopus and Magneto for this thriller.

And yes, by George, what a thriller! It was so thrilling that Tom Hanks had to break the movie’s rising action by exclaiming, “I need to get to a library.” Priceless.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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See, I actually tried applying to albino assasin school but I was turned down because I wasn’t pigmented enough.

I’m nitpicking, I know, but aren’t albinos people with no pigmentation? You’re over-qualified – you have too much pigmentation.

In any case, I wanna be a mulatto assassin too!

hey youre right. edited it.

i also make the same mistake with diuretics and anti-diuretics. 🙂

Jayveeeee! Sorry ha. I’ve been so slow lately. On text. I feel like I reply but, actually, I don’t. (huh?) Beng emailed you re: Project. I wrote Coke already. And we have to sit down again soon. Would you like to go to Baguio this weekend? It’s the Rock Ed orientation meeting at Bliss Cafe. We get to stay at Teacher’s Camp. Madaming mumu. Whaddayasay?

gang!!! err shucks i only saw this comment now. i guess ill have to pass on baguio 🙁

got the proj list and i see my name there. hehe

* and then i realize how much easier it is to text or call you up instead of putting this reply here

what was distracting for me was that everytime i heard Tom Hanks speak, i have the image of Woody the Cowboy in my head.

i liked how Teabing and Silas were portrayed though. they added color to an otherwise languid movie.

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