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The Tagcloud: a microcosm of what’s hot with Pinoys

It’s actually quite fun (and geeky) to analyze the tagcloud. It is fun because you get to see, as a visual learner, the magnitude of certain events that occur in the Philippines that make it to the news.


The more prominent tags would include BASKETBALL, CRIME, ELECTIONS (2007), ENTERTAINMENT, and POLITICS. Interesting too the semi prominent tag of “acts of terror.” This is indeed an interesting microcosm of what makes the news

According to JV Rufino, editor in chief of these tag clouds are more reflective of what the editors like writing about. Big truth in this, but doesn’t it also reflect what remains in the hotseat of Filipino life? In summary, the Filipino loves several forms of ENTERTAINMENT including BASKETBALL, and other spectator sports like the ELECTIONS, POLITICS and the CRIME we see on television that become sensationalized into a soap opera.

Mostly Everything expands to the spoken word


This is exciting news for Philippine new media. I mentioned in the spirit of transparency that I’m involved in building Inquirer’s podcasting efforts. I’d like to introduce you to the page where readers can stream or download the spoken word shows of

Currently the page is serving two programs – the Eleksyon 2007 Candidate Podcast as well as the hackenslash podcast.

Can it really be this soon that the mediums of television, print and radio are showing signs of evolving into the new media model? Surveys say that television still is the number one source for disseminating information, but with the way the working Filipino lifestyle is changing, portable media seems to be the more practical solution for the Pinoy on the go and for those working in the call center industry who just don’t have the schedule to give to TV. Will portable media in the form of iPods and PMPs may be the more practical choice for Pinoys in the future? This is I guess, a function of how much valued content third party content providers (umm bootleg tiangee or “flea market” DVD sellers?) can flood into the market?

Why do you think the pirated DVD industry is popular? Not only is it cheaper to buy (this is the main reason), but buying the whole season of Heroes for instance gives you the convenience of the sacred “DVD marathon” for the busy folk.

After re-reading this post, I figured that my conclusion doesn’t remotely relate to the purpose of the original post. Click here for the Podcast page.

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hackenslash en podcast

I’ve been a firm believer in new media. That is why I love to advocate the new trimedia model to people when they as me on my thoughts about how media is evolving. TV, radio and print is slowly embracing online video, podcasts and websites / blogs. I’m not saying this is the death of traditional media. I’m just saying that it needs to be embraced because new media targets a specific demographic with buying power, it is cheaper, and it is easier to produce.

With that, I’d like to announce my involvement with’s podcasting efforts. Episode 1 of hackenslash is now available for download and you can hear me as a guest podder with Joey Alarilla and Leo Magno along with Luna Cruz of Anino Entertainment.

For yays or boos, tips and suggestions you can email hackenslashpodcast at inquirer dot net.