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Original Super Smash Brothers Brawl on modded Wii?

Super Smash Brothers Wii

If you own a modded Wii, you will not be able to play the original retail of Super Smash Brothers Brawl (SSBB). Ironic as it is, buying original copies of Mario Galaxy and SSBB and running these on a modded unit will bring a disk read failure. This is Nintendo’s way of combatting disk backups which is the main proponent for piracy, especially here in the Philippines.

If you own a modded Wii and have bought a copy of SSBB from Datablitz or any gaming shop in the Philippines there are several ways around this. You can either remove your modchip or corrupt the firmware. But there is also a best of both worlds compromise that is recommended, allowing you to play burned / backup disks as well as original games. This is how it is done: