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A Guide to buying LEGO (and its imitations)

fake lego knockoffs imitations

They go by many names:

Pirated LEGO.
Cheap LEGO knock offs.
China-made LEGO.
LEGO imitations.

The nomenclature will always change but there’s no doubt that they’re all referring to the same thing: the prolific rise of LEGO imitations in bazaars around the metro. Whether you found them in Toys R’ Us, Toy Kingdom, the NBC Tent Weekend Bazaar or the Zonta Filinvest Christmas bazaar a few weeks ago, one thing’s for sure: they’re here to stay. I had some free time before the holidays and actually compiled the latest and the greatest LEGO competitors in the market today from Japan, Canada, South Korea and China.

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iPad mini prices in the Philippines; good luck finding one because they’re out of stock

ipad mini price philippines

OK am I really supposed to add an introductory block of text? I guess it’s really just a formality then, right?

iPad mini Price List
MD528PP/A NEW iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi (Black & Slate) 15,990
MD529PP/A NEW iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi (Black & Slate) 20,990
MD530PP/A NEW iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi (Black & Slate) 25,990

MD531PP/A NEW iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi (White & Silver)) 15,990
MD532PP/A NEW iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi (White & Silver)) 20,990
MD533PP/A NEW iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi (White & Silver)) 25,990

MD534PP/A NEW iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular (Black & Slate) 21,990
MD535PP/A NEW iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular (Black & Slate) 26,990
MD536PP/A NEW iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular (Black & Slate) 31,990

MD537PP/A NEW iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular (White & Silver)) 21,990
MD538PP/A NEW iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular (White & Silver)) 26,990
MD539PP/A NEW iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular (White & Silver)) 31,990

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Geeky ‘bobble’ water bottles filter potable water for PHP 595.00

Hi all! Guess what? I found the geekiest water bottle in the metro. I first heard of the bobble from dive buddies who carried these around when we would take boat trips out to dive sites. The touch of geek-ness comes from the tip of the bottle which is actually a carbon filter cap that (further) purifies potable drinking water. The bottles were not yet available in Manila at the time so access was very limited. Until recently.

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Grab a Google Nexus 7 with a SMART Communciations FlexiSurf Plan

The highly coveted Google Nexus 7 Android tablet can be yours with SMART Communications’ new FlexiSurf plans. If you’re looking for a way to offload your gadget costs for the next year, this is definitely a deal to consider.

To avail the Google Nexus 7, you will need to shell out PHP 600.00 for 24 months with FlexiSurf 599 (0% interest). That’s essentially about PHP 1,199 a month if you can’t afford to put out USD $199 for the tablet. For surfing, you also get a Smart Bro FlexiSurf Pocket WiFi device which you can also use to connect to the Internet. So imagine, for 2013 you’ll be all rigged up with a Pocket WiFi to connect your new Nexus 7 tablet, your smartphone, and perhaps another WiFi device, such as a Playstation Vita that only sells for about PHP 9,950.00 cash from Datablitz.

Definitely a good deal. Sign up here to apply:


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Datablitz now selling Wii U games (but no Wii U yet)

src=”” alt=”” title=”wiiu datablitz” width=”600″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10099″ />

It’s a funny announcement. Since the very recent launch of the Nintendo WiiU, the games have been rolling out at a steady pace. The launch was a sell out, which is probably why we still can’t find new WiiU units in the Philippines. And that’s fine — simply because this console needs to simmer a while, waiting for the ecosystem to expand in its roster of titles. In any case, Datablitz just wants you to know that they’ve got you covered with the initial launch title games.. except ZombieU!

First batch of Wii U games from Datablitz:

• Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition, P1,995
• TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2, P2,395
• FIFA 13, P1,950
• Madden NFL 13, P1,950
• Darksiders 2 (With Bonus Content), P2,395
• Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, P2,395
• Tank! Tank! Tank!, P1,995
• Funky Barn, P1,995