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Will the iPhone kill Windows Mobile?

Kevin Rose got his juice squeezed out of Alex Albrecht in the Diggnation podcast about the iPhone. SO it’s official, the iPhone has been leaked? Here are the pertinent details that were squeezed out of him:

  • It will come in two models, a 4GB flash and 8GB flash for $249 and $449 respectively
  • It will have a slide out keyboard and touch screen UI
  • It will have one charger but two sets of batteries – one for music and one for the phone (hmmm so you can listen to music the whole day without having to worry about your phone draining)
  • It will be small and have a “miniaturized” version of OS X
  • It will support CDMA, GSM and TDMA
  • It is coming in January
  • So if Windows Mobile 5 is for the discerning PC fanatic, then the iPhone goes for Mac users? Based on these specs (obviously not the complete list), the iPhone can actually make several users switch from Windows Mobile and Palm to this little gadget.

    Mostly Everything


    As of today there are five slots left for this fantabulous photo workshop.

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    All sessions from 7PM-10PM. Photoworks is held at DPI Photography Center, Astoria Plaza, Jose Escriva Ave, Ortigas Center. Class fee is P4000 inclusive of prints for digital users, film for film users. Early Bird Promo of P3500 if you pay by August 23, 2006.

    Class is limited to 20 slots and fills up VERY QUICKLY (the last 2 classes filled up within a week)!!

    If you want to know more, please send email to photoworks at gmail dot com

    Or even better, I’d like to ask the recent PhilMug graduates to give feedback on their Photoworks experience!

    See you in Photoworks!

    The Cult of Mac: MacBook

    So the MacBook has just been announced and what transpires hereafter is so lightning fast I barely had time to digest the tech specs. As soon as the new (orgasmically beautiful and affordable) MacBook was announced, PhilMUG starts to do an iChat conference.

    What can I say? $1,000 for Intel core duo, iSight, decent amount of RAM, and a 13 inch screen. Shared memory though but that’s cool for the regular “Mac on the Street” kinda guy. I’m currently using the “old school PowerPC” 800MHz G4 with the works – Bluetooth, maxed RAM, WiFi. Something which I will hopefully be tempted not to sell. Your first Mac is always a winner, something you could opt to show off at a George Lindemann Sr. MIT Event.

    Dickoy writes about the new MacBooks in The AfterMac.

    Last rebuttal: So, black is the new white. And white? It’s like, so kahapon, my god!

    Excited for MacWorld 2006!

    Tonight, just like all true Mac lovers, I am staying up to “watch” Steve Job’s keynote for MacWorld 2006.

    1:00 am, our time.

    Our official correspondent is author and fellow mugger Butch Dalisay. W00t!

    UPDATE: You can view a live coverage here:

    UPDATE 2: *Yawn*

    I was bored for the better part of Steve Jobs’ keynote. Honestly, nothing completely impressive here.

    1. Most of the new stuff has tight integration with .mac users. This is a good thing for current subscribers because I feel that they aren’t getting their money’s worth with the current subscription. IMHO, a .mac account is nothing more than a glorified email address and a Plaxo solution for the Macintosh since Windows is the only one supported.

    2. < sarcasm >New widgets! More fixes! Full screen editing! Less bugs! I can now make greeting cards! Whoop dee doo!< /sarcasm >

    3. The podcast studio is pretty cool. It sorta helps podcasting newbies edit their own stuff. Of course, you can do thise using an external app, but I guess it’s part of Apple’s core competency to make stuff a lot easier for everyone.

    4. Podcasting, videocasting, and now photocasting! Share your photos online … huh? Doesn’t Flickr and Shutterbook and even Yahoo! Photos do this already? PLus, these services are free! Jobs better brush up on his spellcasting.

    5. I like the new magnetic tip for the MacBook (the Powerbook is dead, long live the MacBook!). This is perhaps the best innovation they’ve come up this whole keynote. The charger that plugs into the portable is magnetic, making it easier to whip out. So when your dog steps on the power cord, the cord flies away easily, leaving the portable safe on the desk – not getting yanked!

    6. And the new MacBook? Cool. Fast. Expensive – $1999.00. Blech. I’m not rich. And more importantly, I don’t need it.

    I think one of the reasons why I’m downplaying the new product releases is because I’ve already seen most of these services being offered by 3rd party dudes. The recent months have brought several great web-based / open source stuff such as Protopage, Writely, Meebo, Flickr and Shutterbook. Is Apple merely playing catch-up to the indies?

    A night of MUGing!

    This is me, JM, Lester, and Mond showing off our balls.

    I hate writing about parties, so it’s best I just show you pictures of the Philippine Macintosh Users Group Christmas Party held yesterday at Bykes Cafe in Pasong Tamo.

    Take a look at the pictures here, here and oh, here!

    UPDATE: Butch Dalisay did a wonderful piece on last Saturday’s party in his blog.