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Confirmed: Nokia launches Lumia 610 and 900 on 5.18.12

Confirmed! Microsoft and Nokia will be launching the Lumia 610 and 900 in Philippine shores this coming May 18th. Though the teaser poster doesn’t say it, we’ve uncovered the smoke and mirrors with a quick message to Nokia’s Nikka Abes and she did confirm that both the 610 and 900 will be officially launched here, although the former 610 is already out in stores.

Nokia Lumia 900

I featured the Lumia 900 a few days ago with a one-on-one with Nikka at the Nokia office.

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Hands on with the Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.5

Last week I asked Nokia if I could have a look at their drool-worthy Lumia 900. As a former Windows Phone user (I had not yet upgraded to the latest Mango 7.5), I was curious to know why the 900 series had won so many industry awards and, after finally getting to hold one in my hands I knew what all the praise was all about. In a nutshell, the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best Windows Phone to date. Not only is it top of its class, it readily competes with the top tier smartphones running Android and iOS in terms of speed and power.

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Remember the Nokia Ringtone Contest? Presenting the winner: Nokia Dubstep Edition Ringtone

For those unaware, Nokia held a contest in the recent weeks for a new default ringtone that will be installed in their new line of smartphones. Aside from the media hype and marketing impact of a global contest with USD $10,000 as prize, it was Nokia’s way of “modernizing” into this new generation of users.

The goal was to create a 24 second ringtone (977kb) that would embody Nokia. The winner is Italian DJ Valerio Alessandro Sizzi who created a Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition. For those unfamiliar, the Dubstep genre has become massively popular in the past few years. Here’s a sample of one of the most popular Dubstep viral videos:

Listen to the Nokia Dubstep Audio File

Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition by jayveef

Do you love it or hate it? Note that this new tune will be installed into ALL new Nokia smartphone devices as the default ringtone. Of course since the file is readily available for download you can install this on any smartphone that supports an MP3 format.

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Unboxing the Nokia E7 smartphone … and wow! Nice box!

The E7, you could say is the “E” successor to the N97. What this means is that they took the first iteration N97, which many people loved and converted it into a business phone.

Wow. No wonder it costs PHP32,000. The box is something you wouldn’t want to throw away. Pop it open and it’s almost like a box for your jewelry. it’s covered in felt.

To hold, the E7 feels very much like the N8 combined with the slider mechanism of the N97. The slider itself is a bit slippery to push out but well, this may be due to the fact that I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet. The keypad is amazing though, almost like the felt finish of the box.

The Nokia E7 retails for P32,000.00. I asked their PR for information about current promos and what they told me is that this phone comes free with Plan 3000 on SMART.

Full review soon.

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Our final winner for the Nokia X3 Contest!

Hi guys. Did a read through of your entries lat night till this morning. Just one question? What’s with all the Benjamin Button references all of a sudden? =)

Not the winners, but they were funny:

This one was actually funny for a mystery entry from drix:

can someone tell me the tagalog term for TOOTHPASTE?it bothers me.

And OK … harhar

Hoping to win. Next day I check the website and won the Nokia X3. with no comment at all.

And to the one who submitted this entry, naughty boy!

The lady in their logo signals me to keep my mouth shut

And the winner for this entry is “Third.”

A man is looking for a new car. He checked the trunk and bought it.

Very simple. It caught my eye and the rest followed. On behalf of Nokia, thanks to everyone who joined this series. It was really fun!