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Smart Communications announces the Netphone at Mobile World Congress 2011

EDIT: A more accurate post about the Netphone Project

Today, SMART Communications launches the Netphone at Mobile World Congress 2011. It is an Android 2.2 device with SMART branding and features that are exclusive for SMART subscribers.

With the phone being announced, Filipinos are definitely excited about the unit’s hardware (see press release below). However, on a more global scale, the Netphone from SMART is more than just a phone. It is a proof of an actual WAC enabled device.

Mostly Everything

Off to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2011

Dear readers,

I leave tomorrow night for Barcelona, Spain to attend Mobile World Congress 2011. For the unfamiliar and non-geeks, let’s just say that if the fashion industry has Fashion Week, us nerds have Mobile World Congress (formerly known as GSM Conference).

In the same way that fashion week is a gathering of designers and brands to dictate what’s in and what’s not, MWC ’11 is a gathering of all the telcos and phone manufacturers around the world to unveil everything that will be launched in 2011. If it’s got a SIM card or a data plan, it’s in MWC.

Conferences and product launches in the morning, cocktails and parties in the evening. I’ll be covering the floor together with Andi Manzano of Magic 89.9. So apart from daily summaries which you can read here, I’ll also be Tweeting (follow @jayvee on Twitter) and updating Facebook from the floor. You can also view global updates using the hashtag #MWC2011.

On Wednesday late afternoon (exact time to be confirmed) I will also be on live video via Flippish to do a mid-week wrap up of the events thus far. Since it will be live, feel free to join the Flippish chatroom so we can discuss the new products and services that are being unveiled.

Wish me luck! In my next post, I’m going to show you the gadgets I’m packing to cover the floor live.