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What is web copywriting?


This is.

See you tomorrow 🙂

How do you write effective web site copy that engages the reader and also helps your search engine rankings? We’ll walk you through best practices for writing for your customers (conversions) and for search engines (traffic). [Read]

I’ll be doing something rather different tomorrow as there are just too many topics on effective web copy on the web. This is the web copywriting on drugs.

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Free tickets and a ‘Thank You’ to my readers!

True Faith belting it out. A glimpse of what’s in store on October 20

Some bloggers are giving away tickets for the Toblerone Thank You Day concert at the Mall of Asia. I recently wrote about how October 20 has been declared National Thank You Day, with Manila being the Thank You capital in the Philippines.

I have 300 tickets to the concert this coming October 20 at the Mall of Asia. Bands include (but are not limited to) Cynthia Alexander, Reggae Mistress, Stone Free, Salindiwa, Mozzie and The Dawn!

To claim your free ticket, all you need to do is leave a comment expressing your desire to come. As an added bonus, Toblerone will be giving a special prize to the commenter who posts the most creative way of saying THANK YOU 🙂

After you have left a comment, you will be contacted by Alma. If you wish to reach her to claim your tickets ahead of time, you may do so by texting her at 09175344624 or emailing thankyoudayphilippines at gmail dot com. See you there!

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“The New Order” Ad Congress this November

I’m a little disappointed that this year’s advertising congress isn’t getting a lot of buzz in comparison to the past ones that were held in Baguio and Cebu. I’m not quite sure which agency is sponsoring this year’s ad congress PR — the radio and television, as well as the online beat campaigns don’t seem to be very visible, if at all they are being run.

I have a theory why they aren’t very visible. Just check out their website address:

Oh god. Who can possibly remember that insanely long URL? Ironic as it is, the “New Order” which will be held in Subic this coming November 21 to 24 2007 will touch on such things as new media, social media and emerging trends for advertising. As a guy who’s been in the blog industry for 2 1/2 years, I will be first to say that they should have chosen a friendlier URL.

From what I learned, the “New Order” pitch goes something like this: In the same way that soldiers were sent to Subic for training, so will advertisers and communicators be sent off for different kind of training. Wheee.

So, who’s going to ad congress? 🙂 It would be cool to see new media practitioners and blogtrepreneurs there! If you’re a corporation, it would be a splendid idea to sponsor some interested bloggers and get to know them better.


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Offer a novena for my talk today!


Hey, Globe really rebrands everything so quickly. Their new Globe Visibility dongles come armed with the new corporate logos. I had to borrow one for a presentation I’m giving today: well I’ve been fretting all week over this – for the sole reason that the topic is rather obscure. I’ll be talking about “Gadgets and Software for PR practitioners” at today’s Public Relations Society Summit.

It’s actually a breath of fresh air, talking about something that doesn’t have anything to do with blogging. I used to give these talks with the boys at schools and exhibits, and its been months, heck, years, since I’ve been paired with them again – well not all of them, just Adel who’s talking about podcasting and then there’s Mike who’s doing DIY video editing. Annalyn Jusay is talking about blogging today.

Wish me luck. This is one of the more challenging presentations I’ve been assigned to give this year because I want to be more interesting than saying “hey this is a Treo 750, you use it to make phone calls.” Or “This is a laptop, it’s sorta like a PC, but you can put it on your lap.”

I cooked up something fairly interesting. I’ve been pulling out gadgets here and there. Makes me realize that apart from the stuff I already borrowed from tech distributors, I’ve been diagnosed with GAS.

GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

Wish me luck!

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A Toblerone Thank You via Free Music


Yet another traditional industry – the chocolate industry, to be more specific – has jumped into the online viral marketing bandwagon. Toblerone has collaborated with a selection of local artists to release a torrent friendly album.

This effort is actually part of a campaign to establish Manila as a ‘Thank You’ Capital: