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Datablitz now selling Wii U games (but no Wii U yet)

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It’s a funny announcement. Since the very recent launch of the Nintendo WiiU, the games have been rolling out at a steady pace. The launch was a sell out, which is probably why we still can’t find new WiiU units in the Philippines. And that’s fine — simply because this console needs to simmer a while, waiting for the ecosystem to expand in its roster of titles. In any case, Datablitz just wants you to know that they’ve got you covered with the initial launch title games.. except ZombieU!

First batch of Wii U games from Datablitz:

• Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition, P1,995
• TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2, P2,395
• FIFA 13, P1,950
• Madden NFL 13, P1,950
• Darksiders 2 (With Bonus Content), P2,395
• Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, P2,395
• Tank! Tank! Tank!, P1,995
• Funky Barn, P1,995

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Assassin’s Creed III is now available in Datablitz. Pricing follows

This is it — the conclusion to 5 years of work culminates and ends here. The Philippines received its copies earlier than the rest of the western world, which is historically speaking, something that’s not very strange as we tend to get copies of other games earlier. And that’s a good thing.

Assassin’s Creed III will be available on the XBOX 360, PC, PS3 and the PS Vita.

Pricing follows.

Retail Prices:
• P3,195 for Asia Collector’s Edition (PS3 & X360)
• P1,950 for PS3 (R3) – Standard Edition
• P1,795 for X360 (NTSC-J) – Standard Edition
• P1,495 for PS Vita (R3)

Note: PC copies will be released on November 23, 2012.

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Sony shows off country’s first 84-inch 4K TV; sells for PHP 1.2 Million

You need to see it to believe it folks. Yesterday, Sony Philippines pulled out a number of wildcards from Japan. Apart from featuring the new VAIO Duo 11 and VAIO Tap 20 both running on Windows 8, they were also the first to showcase an 84-inch 4K television which will be made available to the (opulent) public for the holidays. The XBR-84X900 is a wonder that goes (waaaay!) over and beyond the “traditional” 1080p resolution. This 4k TV comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and if those numbers mean nothing to you, it simply means that if you’re watching great blu-ray movies on your 40″ or 60″ LED TV, imagine even better “pop out” quality on a bigger 84-incher.

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Brand new iPhone 3GS sells in the Philippines for PHP 14,990; open line and NTC approved

OK this bit of news is a bit odd but believe it or not, the group that distributes Alcatel in the PH is also the same group that is bringing in NTC-registered stocks of the old iPhone 3GS. Yup, you heard it right. If you’ve always wanted to own a BRAND NEW iPhone but couldn’t afford the steep price and telco lock in period, you can avail of an iPhone 3GS for only PHP 14,990.00.

The iPhone 3GS is being made available nationwide. Some of the stores that carry it include:

JR MemoXpress
Power Mac Center

In the greater Manila area, you can find it in the following stores

Automatic Centre
CMK Cellphones
Link Plus
Mobile World / ABC Store
Silicon Valley
Techno Mobile
Widget City

The package comes with a 12 month warranty period and bundled with iOS 5. This is a really good deal because the iPhone 3GS is still considered “future proof” by Apple since it will be eligible for the new iOS 6 update.

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10 Board Games set in the Philippines

I’m a huge fan of board games. Some of you may already know this as I tend to write about some of my favorites once in a while. All of these games are imports from the US which I either order online and have friends bring home or grab from one of the many branches of Neutral Grounds (Glorietta + Alabang Town Center). All of these games are mostly fantasy, sci-fi or Euro themed so that got me thinking: Are there any board games revolve around a setting in the Philippines? Guess what? I found some. And they’re quite interesting.