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4GB of RAM

4GB RAM; effective 3.2GB of RAM on a 2G MacBook. But that’s fine — the 1GB can be used in case I dual boot.

Thanks, Longbeard.

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GarageBand crashing when recording on iChat

GarageBand is a neat application for podcasting. It was made in such a way that it can interface with iChat for as many as 10 simultaneous people in one room, recording each person as a seperate track. This is pretty neat as you will definitely find it useful to edit the levels of each guest.

Gabe Mercado was stuck in Quezon City so we had to do our podcast project over the air. Both of us being Mac users allowed us to fire up GarageBand and record via iChat. As it turns out however, we had to redo several segments of the podcast due to GarageBand crashing 10 minutes into the recording. We’ve figured out two solutions (UNluckily only after recording three separate sessions which we would stitch to one long episode) – the first is to repair your disk permissions using Disk Utility. The second would be to delete your GarageBand preferences and let the GB redo the file when you relaunch.

Ugh. Utter hassle. I highly doubt this is a Leopard issue as the support forums say this is more of a GarageBand glitch. With online voice recording, I’ve come to believe that the two most stable applications would be Skype and Gizmo Project, the latter having a default recording feature. Anyone would like to share their VoIP solution?

P.S. The Photo Booth video on top has really nothing to do with this post.

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Oh noes! Macintosh-only Trojan!

My gosh! I am speechless! This can only mean that the Macintosh’s market share is really increasing, putting Mac users at an awkward position for attacks. This is the inevitable turnout for these sorts of things.

Miscreants have released a sophisticated Trojan into the wild that targets Mac users, according to Intego, a company that markets security software that runs on OS X.

The malicious Trojan, dubbed OSX.RSPlug.A, is making the rounds on several porn websites. When Mac users try to view some videos, the site feeds them a page that says QuickTime is unable to play the file unless a special codec is installed first. If the user proceeds, a form of DNSChanger is installed that hijacks some web requests sent to eBay, PayPal and some banking websites, according to this write-up from Intego. [Oh noes!]

Such is the price of beauty!

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My guesses on Apple’s UNUSUAL trackpad features!!

Rumor has it that Apple will be unveiling the new line of MacBooks this coming 4Q complete with biometric scanner built into the trackpad. But its not really the thumb signature that intrigues me, but the fine print of the “unusual features” that the new trackpad will contain. Here are some of my guesses:

  • pinching of the trackpad to zoom in and out of the cursor area (the old default command was to scroll with two fingers while holding CTRL)
  • iPod-like circle scrolling for certain applications
  • Flicking the trackpad to scroll quickly through lists
  • reconfiguration of the tapping motion on the track pad to do other things (like zoom a photo to fit to browser)

The new track pad should, by induction, sport some of the innovations of the Apple iPhone touch screen.

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First Impressions: iMovie ’08


I have been trying out the new iMovie ’08 that comes with the iLife ’08 package. This is a completely reworked version of iMovie and Apple makes this distinction by changing the dock icon from a clapper to a star.

You can check out my very first project in my previous post as I recorded something with Kate Alvarez on this oven fresh software version.

The philosophy behind the rewritten application states that anybody should be able to make a movie in less than 10 minutes. All you need is the feed from your digicam and no editing skills at all.

So what did I think? iMovie ’08 allows you to create video projects faster than the previous iMovie HD because all you need to do is cut and paste clips from a real time track and add transition effects. However, when it comes to more advanced editing tools such as extracting audio from video clips, pasting multimedia over tracks (let’s say I want to put a picture over a video without disrupting the sound), I would have to do this using the old version of iMovie. The new version also lacks transition features and themes! Despite my Mac fanboy admittance, I do find this move very disappointing.

Apple admits this huge flaw in the new version of iMovie to such an extent that they are making iMovie HD (2006) available for download for free — that is if you already have a copy of the new iLife ’08. It’s a bummer though to have to rely on two copies for separate purposes.

Don’t get me wrong – the new version of iMovie is good for beginner videographers like me or for those who need to whip out a presentation in ten minutes! But as you move up the design chain, you will quickly outgrow this piece of software and settle for iMovie HD or Final Cut Pro. I would like to believe that iMovie ’08 is what GarageBand was when Apple first introduced easy-as-pie podcasting. This new version makes it so much easier to churn out video podcasts.

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