Bugging ‘Fight Pompe’

I’m not sure if you would agree with me but it seems that in today’s long list of links to our friends on our personal blogs, the longer the list gets the less personal it becomes. I’m here to start a small experiment of sorts where every now and then I do a spotlight on one blog that I link to.

The objective is really to give a face to each link, in the same way that this great book called the Cluetrain Manifesto sees the market as people and not a list of demographics.

In a way, this project is a sign of thanks to the many people who link back to me. I can’t promise that I’ll cover everyone immediately. This is because I want to post something more meaningful than “this guy’s blog is nice. I met him several months ago in a conference.” So please pardon the intro. I felt that I needed to explain this project in detail. Besides, it finally gives some direction as to why I call my blog ‘A Bugged Life.’

I would actually encourage bloggers to do this on their blogs. Though the Internet is the new social tool, blogrolls are like a stack of kiddie toys you line up on the stands – they all look the same. As a reader, the first thing I’d like to know when I read someone’s blog is who he or she reads and why.

Hoookay that was long. *whew* Up first is Fight Pompe, written by Juan “Dickoy” Magdaraog. You can find him listed as “Dickoy” in my blogroll.

Fight Pompe is an advocacy started by Dickoy to make people aware of the complication known as Pompe’s disease. I’ll allow Dickoy to say a little bit about himself from his blog

My name is Juan Magdaraog. I suffer from Pompe Disease, a rare metabolic disorder. This blog was made to chronicle my fight against Pompe’s Disease as well as to hopefully impart whatever I’ve learned going through this illness. Read more about me.

I have met Dickoy in many occassions. I used to work for his father in an HR consulting firm as an intern. Dicks and I also share the same affiliation to PhilMUG as well as other our love for technology and online publishing (blogging).

Dicks has touched my life in a way that no other person has, with his cheery disposition, sharp mind and humor which emanates from his chair and breathing apparatus. I’m glued to the guy when he talks about his aspirations and believing that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You see, the guy has achieved so much in spite of the many odds working against him.

Fight Pompe is one of his latter projects that also serves as his personal blog. He talks about life as the “Chairman,” his encounters with young people like us who have Pompe’s, as well as promoting a fund-raising campaign. One of the fund raisers is a really cute shirt designed by his friend May Ann (art on left). You can read more about the shirt design here. Bili na!

Dickoy is the creative director for a web design company which he started with a bunch of friends and his brother. He is also a regular columnist for m|PH.