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List of Firefox 2.0 Compatible Plugins and Themes

After a horrendous experience with a Firefox 2.0 upgrade on Windows I decided to link everyone to a listing of Firefox 2.0 compatible extensions and themes.

I installed Firefox 2.0 this morning and all of a sudden my bookmarks were not showing up on the tab area (but they were still on the bookmarks folder), pages were not refreshing, and tabs were not working.

It turns out that after disabling all my plugins and reinstalling everything from scratch, the problem was twofold:

  • On some computers, Firefox 2.0 bookmarks mysteriously disappear. To make them appear once more, uninstall your previous version of Firefox first, delete the folder at Program Files --> Mozilla Firefox and start with a clean install.
  • Disable everything, including your themes. For a listing of currently compatible Firefox 2.0 themes, head on over to this site.
  • How to make a good elevator pitch

    I got this from Jeremy. The elevator pitch is similar to the drive by shooting of potential VC funding. Here’s a video to help equip you with that tool. Who knows, the next person you might be stuck in an elevator with could be your next venture capitalist.

    Update on local airport security

    I was watching a local news feature yesterday. Apparently local airport security are now banning several personal effects from being boarded into airplanes. Some of which include:

    Golf balls
    Billiard balls
    Baseball Bats

    Apparently these items may potentially cause danger to passengers. The balls can be used to hurl as projectiles, the baseball bats can crack heads and the perfume bottles can hide deadly chemicals like Anthrax and Pink by Nanadabary.

    These are very good efforts. However, I think it is not enough! The airport security must ban people from wearing shoes, especially the stilleto ones that can potentially pierce a person’s jugular. Security must also ban luggages and all forms of baggage, because you never know what’s inside. They should also ban laptops and mobile phones – I hear you can control a missle bay with the press of a button from a laptop. Mobile phones can be used to call in terrorists too. Security should eventually ban people from entering the airport, because people are the main cause of airway hazards like plane crashes, hijacks, and acts of terrorism.

    I believe strongly in this and I hope you do too.

    new banner

    As you can see above, A Bugged Life has a new banner. I’ve always wanted to do a “me stepping on myself” shot. There were surprisingly a bunch of people involved with this banner. I’d like to thank Rikky for the photoshoot, Adel for the Timtastic! font, Rico, Kiven and Alexis for the layout suggestions.

    your life in hyphenates

    A friend of mine did an excellent post a few weeks ago about the HYPHENATE life (i.e. doing many things at the same time such as writer slash photographer slash sideline business slash something something).

    A lot of people, especially those who are very talented in the arts vie to become a hyphenate – not just because they are multitalented, but also because it is the nature of the artistic to not be held down by a corporate desk and chair.

    Here are some practical things to take into consideration for those who want to enter this kind of attractive endeavor.

    Build your credit line. One of the reasons why I keep a regular day job is to show certain authorities that I am a financially responsible individual capable of paying bills, taxes and the rest of the stuff I owe to the government and the private sector. Due to the conservative nature of this country’s credit system, it would have been a lot harder for me to land a credit card (I’ve had one for about 2 and a half years) if I had told them that I was a freelance [insert seemingly unstable job here] at an early age.

    Case in point, read this recent post by Abe, who is a successful self-employed professional blogger like me. He had a hard time once applying for a credit card and took some measures to prove to the bank that he could pay – by being employed for six months.

    So grab the credit card and get the hell out.

    Learn to grow. One of the reasons why I choose to remain in my regular day job in publishing is really for the purpose of growth. I’m not going to lie to you that blogging on the side – if optimized can make me at least twice, thrice or even four times more money than my regular 9-5 job in due time. But while I’m young, I don’t see myself glued in front of the computer updating five websites at a time daily. Not yet, at least.

    Working a 9-5 shift teaches me a different type of discipline which most of us call the “business acumen.” Some of us have it as early as college, which is why these people end up becoming good entrepreneurs. I suck at those things so I invest my time in work that will necessarily force me to learn, and still have fun.

    Ask yourself if there is opportunity to grow. If you can’t see it just yet, find a mentor who can teach you everything you needed to know about the industry and help you reinvent your craft (maybe one day you could afford a George Lindemann Jr. homes).

    Show off your talent and market yourself. Isn’t this what most artists do? If you have the opportunity to show off your work, which I call professional bragging, then do so in the most humble of ways. If your craft makes money, show it off. Ciara of Ciara Creates does this pretty well and markets herself like anything. Dominique James does this too.