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Google Chrome for Mac OS X Developer Beta Download


Although several of its features are still not implemented (such as importation of passwords), Google Chrome for Mac OS X is hot.

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Get Fabulous with DANCE FABULOUS!

There’s no other way to demo this game for the N Gage than to show it. It’s basically a combination of Boogie for the Nintendo Wii and Dance Dance Revolution, all put together on your mobile phone. What makes this game challenging is that there’s no rhythm bar, unlike in the Wii’s Boogie.

There is no multiplayer component so you can’t play with friends but since you’re logged on to the N Gage Arena, you can compare top scores per region and even globally.

Universal’s Cindy Gomez (up and coming artist) is also inside the game as an avatar which you can play. Five of her songs are included as tracks but you can use any music track within your device.

The game uses an achievements-based system to unlock items so leveling up allows you to see more items and use them as apparel for your avatar.

Dance Fabulous is available on free trial for the N Gage which you can buy later on.

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Windows 7 RC1 wallpapers are made of amazing!


With the first release candidate for Windows 7 due on the 5th of May, the community (yes, even Apple community folks) are impressed with new features such as Windows XP virtualization and play list streaming over the Internet from any computer (it’s like for Windows Live). To add to the flair, RC1 comes bundled with these awesome default wallpapers to visually reflect the new face of Windows. Click on the photos to scale bigger versions.

Click on for more samples and the download zip link!

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Rohan Closed Beta Philippines allows you to sell your character for money


With more than 500 seeders, ROHAN Closed Beta is jump starting its way to local shores.

Kiven just announced the opening of ROHAN CLOSED BETA Philippines. I’ve been curious with this particular game franchise as a good number of people have been talking about it – all MMO games are a dime a dozen, especially the ones we franchise into the Philippines. But ROHAN seems to stand out mainly because it is an A+ grade game that’s completely free to play.

Another thing ROHAN permeates into its system is a phenomenon that was actually frowned upon by the industry – although the game is free to play, there is an option to SELL your character once you’ve achieved a desirable level! Hmm another intriguing way to make money online if you aren’t into the blogging or online store gig. In the past, avatar sales from RAN Online and Ragnarok have raked in five digit figures in pesos. Level Up was quick to recognize that this is indeed a lucrative business model – don’t ban it. Encourage it.

You can download the game via FTP or via Torrent (as seen above).