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Contest: Guess this phone! (Clue # 1 | Week 1)


OK it’s time for a simple contest. For the next 3 weeks I’ll be giving away a secret bag of IT goodies from a donor. It’s so secret, even I don’t know what it is (of course I won’t mention the brand — that would spoil the fun!). But that’s fine — the contest is really easy. I just need you to guess what this phone is.

Here’s the first clue: As you can see from the close up, it has a 8MP camera. As an added bonus, notice the rugged back plate.

Contest Rules:

1. Leave a comment to enter the raffle. The comment should be your guess for the name of this phone (brand and model).
2. You can leave as many comments as you like.
2. Please leave a valid email address so that I can get back to you if you win.
3. This contest is open till Sunday, June 5 11:59 PM.
4. This contest is open to Metro Manila residents only as the winners will need to pick up the prize personally.
5. I will be choosing 3 winners per week at random using a web randomizer. I will be giving out more clues as the week progresses and each clue (each post) will have one winner each. So yes, a total of 3 winners per week. I will choose 3 winners from the every “clue post” per week. This makes it easier to win because that’s less effort on your part.
6. BONUS: On the final week I will be raffling off a phone. I will pick from those that guess the correct model / brand.
7. If for some reason there are contentions / issues with the contest, I reserve the right to take appropriate actions. All decisions are final.

Good luck and have fun =)

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of a winner

OK so I’ve been going through the entries over and over trying to decide who the lucky winner would be. There were a lot of great entries that almost made it but then there was one particular entry that always caught my attention. ALWAYS. It was definitely the (happy) face of a winner. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. I seem to be drawn to it (in a non-sensual manner of course).

Sherwood, ikaw na. Just look at that face. Look at how crazy/happy he is.

And pahabol …

We will have your new Blackberry delivered to your address. 🙂

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This was by far the toughest contest series I’ve ever judged. Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted. And the winner is…

Hi guys! Sorry if I’m only announcing this now. I was out the whole day yesterday with 3/4 of the entries done. Commercial muna: if you watch a lot of television, I’m appearing in a segment for Born to Be Wild at 11:30PM tomorrow (Wednesday) hosted by Kiko on GMA7. It’s a short feature on marine conservation photography with two other members of an underwater photography club called NUDI. 🙂

OK on to the contest! Here are some of the entries that stood out because of creativity:

Mostly Everything

Our final winner for the Nokia X3 Contest!

Hi guys. Did a read through of your entries lat night till this morning. Just one question? What’s with all the Benjamin Button references all of a sudden? =)

Not the winners, but they were funny:

This one was actually funny for a mystery entry from drix:

can someone tell me the tagalog term for TOOTHPASTE?it bothers me.

And OK … harhar

Hoping to win. Next day I check the website and won the Nokia X3. with no comment at all.

And to the one who submitted this entry, naughty boy!

The lady in their logo signals me to keep my mouth shut

And the winner for this entry is “Third.”

A man is looking for a new car. He checked the trunk and bought it.

Very simple. It caught my eye and the rest followed. On behalf of Nokia, thanks to everyone who joined this series. It was really fun!

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Sirs and Maams, we’re giving away an ACER Ferrari One 200 this week

EDIT: People asked why no video entries. Well I don’t want video to compete with photo. I’ll see if we can do video for another round =)

OK kids, let’s go. This is definitely a prize we’re not planning to give away to charity. Say hello to ACER’s Ferrari One 200. It’s one of those rare machines that run on an AMD Processor which means that you’re getting a great gaming rig at an insanely affordable price. ACER is launching this beast of a machine this month. Just look at it! SRP PHP39,990.00