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An attempt to bring back Philippine Radio Drama

Last night, a few of us aspiring voice actors made an attempt to bring back the cheesy yet classic art of Philippine radio drama shows we often heard on AM radio into the Philippine Internet.

Without further ado, here is the episode entitled “Ang Buhay ni Boy” (The Life of Boy). Apologies to the foreign listeners as most of this drama is recorded in our vernacular. Nonetheless, as Inigo mentioned in the second episode of the Inigo and Inaki podcast, Filipinos have a sing-songy intonation when we speak because of our “Iberian heritage.” Enjoy the intonations 🙂


Alternatively, you can hop over to the BuggedCast to view a complete list of all the shows I helped guest, edit and host.

The podcast has been mentioned at the @Play column of Joey Alarilla. (Hey Joey, we were actually thinking of doing a ‘Gabi Ng Lagim Reloaded’ in our future episodes. 🙂 )

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iPod touch hands on impressions and prices


“Touch me not!”
said the iPod touch, as the mad crowd made their way to the front, manhandling Apple’s wafer thin iPod.

The official prices of the new Apple iPod line was announced today for the Philippine market. Though the iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod classic have been spotted in several Apple retailers, there is still no suggested retail price for consumers to use to compare across stores. The photo above illustrates the SRP for the new line of iPods:

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Speedlinking 19/9/2007

Today is going to be especially memorable for me as I start my adventure in bikram yoga. While I sweat inside a human-sized toaster, here are some links for you to enjoy:

  • As tradition goes, here is the link to the schedule for Philippine Christmas Bazaars 2007.
  • Royal Elastics, the guys behind the lace-less shoes, is here in the Philippines. What’s interesting about their marketing campaign is that they are making use of the iTunes Store for free music mix downloads. You heard it right – FREE music mixes from the iTunes Store. I was able to download 3 hours worth of mixes via their website. Just click on the downloads button and select one of the albums. The Royal Elastics store is located at the ground floor of Mall of Asia a minute away form Highlands Steak House.
  • Titik Pilipino launches, a podcast series with Filipino artists. The first episode features Christian Bautista.
  • Nostalgic memories point to Kylie Minogue singing “Especially for You” with Kermit the Frog and Rita Moreno singing “Fever” with Animal on drums.
  • Belated happy birthday to the Drive by Shooter!
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Which local telco will Apple partner with for the iPhone?

Apple iPhone

Slowly, but surely, the (legitimate) iPhone launch is making its way to Asia. Apple has recently partnered with O2 in the UK to be exclusive telco to distribute the iPhone. The added perk with this partnership is that the iPhone will have unlimited access to the Cloud partner hotspots around the UK.

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Yay, I made Technorati front page


It was My Good Finds that informed me of this in the form of a comment. I actually do not know the repercussions of becoming a “featured blog” as I surmise that the lottery draw for this is completely random. Now, a front page Digg .. now that’s something. Nonetheless, it’s nice to get some attention from the guys at Technorati. 🙂

I think the true feat here is being informed that you were on the front page, since being able to catch someone you know on the featured blogs list is quite a one in a thousand thing. 🙂