Wait a minute, this isn’t a survival kit!

Someone dropped off a “special package” in front of my doorstep a few days ago. And I found the insides rather intriguing because the components resembled stuff you usually find in a board game. And, well … you know naman how I love board games (!!!) It’s definitely something for their “end of the world” theme .. because as the Mayans predicted, we call it quits this 2012.

So anyway, whatever. Here it is.. AXE END OF THE WORLD SURVIVAL KIT. Mmmkay. Cool. Let us proceed.

Mostly Everything

If I were to choose ONE product to take home from CES it would be the Samsung Smart Window

Samsung’s Smart Window marries the utility of a window and their Internet-capable Smart TV. I had been chatting with some folks from Samsung Philippines and they hinted about something really exciting for 2012, apart from more apps and video streaming to support their line of Smart TV’s. Looks like this is an upgrade. Touch screen too (though I don’t know how they’re going to solve smudging). The best piece of news is that this isn’t a prototype and it will ship this year. The Smart Window is one-way which means that the people behind won’t be able to see what you’re watching.

Do you want it? I sure as hell would. Because it brings us closer to the concept of a truly digital home without having to look geeky.