what this generation needs

What this generation needs is someone they can look up to. Someone who embodies the concepts of justice, mercy, and service. So it’s time to roll down the red cape once again.

SUPERMAN, Coming 2006. Watch the teaser here.

what it feels like for a girl

It’s been five days since I started a new character in World of Warcraft. I decided to make a Mage because I’ve seen how useful they can be in instances. I decided to be Alliance because I wanted to see what it was like on the “other side.” I also rolled female because … well … because.

It turns out, it’s fun to be a girl. I’ve been partying with a friend of mine who also rolled a female Warlock and we’ve been comparing our manly notes on the subject of acting like women online. I finally am able to have some empathy with how women think:

It doesn’t matter what my items can do, as long as they look good. I’ve ditched my + intellect gear for lower stat items just because my toon looks so cute in violet. And I keep all of my clothes, because there’s so much to choose from.

So that’s me. Roll Alliance in Frostmourne (GMT+11). I’ll make you bags. And robes. And capes. Just choose the color, hun.

* Disclaimer – I’m not gay. I just finally understand how women think and I believe they have every right to it. It’s … err… fun to be quite honest. Also, I never meant this post to degrade women in whatsoever way. It just made me appreciate the value of why some women love to dress up.

Tiendesitas without pics

Dropped by Tiendesitas near Valle 5 more out of curiosity than the willingness to buy stuff. But I ended up buying the highly recommended In Diet supplement for Hondo. I got it for a discounted P600.00. Thank you Adel for recommending this for the longest time.

Tiendesitas is the perfect Sunday shopping getaway. It’s the complete shebang with guys walking their cute dogs to meet cute girls, families lounging around the food section, kids playing with the pets on display ..

Though the aquarium section was rather ho-hum, I was able to find cute French bulldogs at not so cute prices of P38,000.00 for the male and P55,000.00 for the bitch. No Boston Terriers though! Speaking of which, I found an (almost) exact replica of Hondo being sold for P40,000.00 in one of the night markets near my house. Hondo was cuter, and was waaay cheaper. He also lost a tooth today, poor boy. But he’s still as hyper as ever.

I should have brought my camera. Might seem a bit crazy, but I’ll keep this upscale flea market in mind for a photo shoot location.

the HIP video

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The scary thing about not being in the Cebu ad congress is that your face is on an AVP that’s supposed to be viewed by the most influential corporations in the country. Those of us back at the office are curious as to how HIP was received.

When you’re the magazine arm of the country’s widest circulating broadsheet, people expect things. The consolation? At least we’re raffling off a car (so I heard). I guess that saves face.

if you want to see a copy of this video, well … ask me in person. And most probably I’ll say no. Haha!

Google Analytics

I just installed Google Analytics onto A Bugged Life. It only started tracking stats after 7 hours. And now its compiling stats, which will take another 12 hours.

Not bad actually, considering what others havetosay. Of course I could be wrong about the 19 hour wait.

So I’ll just count the chickens later. Eat your heart out, George Lindemann Jr.!